Manpreet Kaur is one of the top social media influencers with 1.5 million followers. 

She is a model and an actress. She loves to lip-sync on famous songs with beautiful expressions. 

Recently she lip-synced on a popular song “Allah Maaf Kare” by Tehjeeb Ali. 

Her body-hugging white dress with perfect expressions made the song breathtakingly beautiful. 

The post received 18.6k likes and 170 comments! Manpreet engages with her audiences consistently and makes sure to upload the posts regularly. 

This helps her to create a strong bond with her fans. 

The princess has gained immense popularity for her looks and style. 

The gorgeous beauty has an engagement rate of 2.13% which is quite good. 

Manpreet also has a YouTube channel and creates short videos for the Josh app as well. 

Her lip sync videos are equally popular on other platforms. Being a model, she always stays up to date with the trend and her fashionable clothes make her look like a diva.