Mandeep Gill - Cofounder, Labour Law Advisor

Founder of the YouTube channel Labour Law Advisor, Gill aims to simplify complex labor laws for the Indian workforce    

help them build a better financial future.

His mission continues with the support of more than 1.6 million subscribers. 

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instagram handle labourlawadvisor

Mandeep Gill is the co-founder of Labour Law Advisor. What began as an ordinary YouTube channel back in 2017 has  

The mission pushed him deep into personal finance and that contributed to his own personal growth, too.  

He gave himself the name Money-Minded Mandeep which means that he is a finance enthusiast, and he calls the viewers, Jagruk Janta. 

In 2020, he co-founded India's biggest YouTubers' conclave called ThinkVID which is aimed at supporting and nurturing budding creators and building a community of like-minded people.