Juhi weaves together contemporary and chic dressing with just the right hint of old-school charm. 

The founder of Arabella, she, and her label, together form the perfect inspiration for the ultra-feminine, romantic aesthetic. 

juggling between her influencer duties and entrepreneurial roles is a challenge she contends with every day. 

Just like Juhi dons several hats – from a stylist to an influencer and a CEO – the MSI Summit E13 Flip Evo is a gadget that offers varied benefits to ensure a seamless experience 

Bringing forth the perfect amalgamation  of performance, responsiveness, battery life and stunning visuals, this new class of sleek 

Equal parts fashionable and functional, the carefully crafted CNC body reveals understated elegance and panache from all corners.  

Combine these with the New Ink Black coloured edges and brushed line engraving, and you get a piece of technology that redefines sophisticated luxury.  

Juhi says, “It’s so cool when my tools reflect my way of working. My flexibility, my style, my attention to detail.” Long gone are the days  

What’s better is, the MSI Pen attachment helps you reap the benefits of the traditional and modern way of note-taking all in one device.