Resident of Delhi, succeeded in one of the toughest exams - UPSC civil services - in his first attempt in 2017, however, in a look back at his academic life 

he was not considered to be the smartest student in his class. Yet, he broke the stereotype and managed to become an IAS officer. 

an IAS, Himanshu Kaushik hails from a middle-class family. His father is an engineer and his mother is a Sanskrit teacher.  

Himanshu grew up in Delhi and did his schooling in the national capital. For college, he studied engineering at a private institute in Ghaziabad. 

He got back twice during his engineering degree - which means he flunked and asked to appear for the exams again.  

Himanshu Kaushik started working as a software developer. He pursued his job for three years, however, aiming to do something bigger in life, he decided to go into the Civil Service. 

When he told his family and friends about this, they could not believe it and not many people supported him.  

He had to face trouble in the initial days of UPSC exam preparation. Then he joined a coaching class. 

He had decided to become a government officer in his 9th grade when he realised that there is a need for change in the system.  

Himanshu Kaushik continued his preparation for the UPSC exam considering his hard work and guidance from the coaching class.