Rajendra Lora is the founder and CEO of Freshokartz, an agritech startup that connects farmers to markets, warehouses, and financing

Image Source - Freshokartz

Rajendra Lora is a graduate of the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi and the Indian School of Business

He has over 10 years of experience in the agritech sector, including working as a consultant, a venture capitalist, and a farmer

Rajendra founded Freshokartz in 2015 with a sole mission of “Connecting farmers to market and markets to farmers”

Freshokartz has since raised over a million dollar in funding from prominent investors, such as Marwari Catalysts, and iStart

Currently, Freshokartz operates in over 100 districts in India and has helped over 10,000 farmers sell their produces

The company’s platform has been praised by farmers and policymakers alike for its innovative design and its ability to improve the lives of farmers

Rajendra strongly believes that technology can enhance farmers' life and solve agricultural problems

He is a role model for other entrepreneurs who are looking to leverage technology to solve social problems

Freshokartz is going to transform India's agricultural market. Millions of farmers benefit from the company

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