Deepak Bajaj Birth 6th June 1980  birth place Haryana

AwardBest Direct Selling Trainer of 2020, Best selling author Earnings month4 to 7 lakhs 

MoneyMotivational Speaker, Business & Entrepreneurship Trainer, and YouTube Content Creator 

Deepak Bajaj is the 1st best selling motivational speaker, break through trainer and high performance coach. 

Deepak Bajaj started his career with Direct Selling i.e. Network Marketing in the year 2007 and before that Deepak was an active manager in Bajaj TVs

Started doing this, only after working very hard in the initial 8 months, Deepak got a huge success in life

Deepak Bajaj is currently teaching network marketing training to many people and the path of success to move forward  

Deepak Bajaj has written another new book called Social Media Millionaire which has just arrived on Flipkart and Amazon.  

Deepak Bajaj has many expensive vehicles, they have many vehicles ranging from Mercedes to BMW.      

Deepak Bajaj started his career with a lot of struggles, Deepak Bajaj with lofty intentions, faith, patience and hard work.