Awez Darbar was born on Tuesday, 16 March 1993 in Mumbai. 

His zodiac sign is Pisces. He studied in LTM College, Mumbai. 

He started his youtube channel on 16 September 2014 and started posting his dance videos in them. 

He was a part of a dance team called “Ace” during his college days, and he uploaded his first music video..

Awez Darbar is a celebrity dance choreographer and a popular social media influencer from Mumbai, India.

wez has 22.4M followers on Instagram with an engagement rate of 3.22% which is excellent. His average interaction per post is 719.36k likes and 1.31k comments.  

He is also the founder of ACE Productions which is a hub for the release and distribution of entertaining videos online. 

Awez Darbar also likes to keep up with the trend. This is the reason why his fans cannot get enough of him.  

A few days ago he uploaded a video on slow motion signature dance challenge on the song “Kesariya” from the movie “Brahmastra”. 

He soon became a famous social media star in India after uploading entertaining dance videos that attracted tons of viewers.