Ankita Chhetri   a middle-class family residing in Hamiltonganj, West Bengal. She was born on 25th August 2000 in the same town. 

When Ankita Chhetri was young, she started her career on the Dubstep app by sharing interesting videos. 

she also shared videos on the app before she moved to London and created a TikTok account in 2017. 

she shared videos about her daily life with her family. She also enjoyed sharing modeling videos, stylized photos, and lip-syncs. 

Ankita Chhetri is famous for her lip sync videos and cute expressions. 

She believes that her talent can make any mood swing to become happier.

Ankita Chhetri is a famous social media influencer with an attractive personality. Her cute smile and lovely expressions can blow anyone away. 

She is very young and recently graduated from Kingston University, London.  

She wants the audience to know about all the important events in her life and hence shares personal stories with them. 

She also has a YouTube channel in her name with 236k subscribers and uploads personal vlogs and short videos on random topics.