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Upcoming Exhibitions in Mumbai, India 2024

Business Exhibition in Mumbai India
Business Exhibition in Mumbai India
Business Exhibition in Mumbai India
Business Exhibition in Mumbai India

Industrial exhibitions are crucial for new businesses and startups to witness advancements within specific industries and understand their growth trajectory. Our goal is to keep you informed about upcoming trade fairs, exhibitions, and business events so you can connect with industry leaders and stay updated on industry trends. This helps you network, gain insights, and explore potential partnerships and opportunities that can propel your business forward.

Upcoming Exhibitions in Mumbai, India 2024

Here is the list of upcoming trade fairs and exhibitions in Mumbai, India for the year 2024.


It is slated to be held from 7th June to 10th June 2024, at JIO World Convention Centre

An important occasion, SILVER SHOW OF INDIA 2024 will offer a stage for the demonstration of state-of-the-art products and innovations in the fields of sustainability, environment, and energy. The event’s emphasis on presenting the most recent developments in various fields shows a dedication to tackling important problems and advancing sustainable practices.

Companies that attend the event will probably gain from the chance to network with investors, partners, and future clients, which will encourage joint ventures and partnerships. The addition of conferences and workshops will enhance the experience even further by providing insightful information and stimulating conversations on relevant subjects related to the energy, environmental, and sustainable spheres.

Exhibitor Product Profile

  • Antique Jewelry
  • Costume & Fashion Jewelry
  • Bullion-Gold & Silver
  • Fine Jewelry
  • Imitation Jewelry

Healthcare Exhibition in Mumbai


It will be held from 13th June to 14th June 2024 at Hotel Sahara Star.

The exhibition will provide a premium virtual platform for Pharmaceutical Packaging and Drug Delivery in India; and is expected to focus on Drug Delivery & Devices, Pharma 4.0 & Packaging, Anti-Counterfeiting, Serialization & Track & Trace, Primary Packaging, and Labeling & Printing; and ensure collaboration with key industry leaders, eminent research packaging professionals, innovators and consultants.

Additionally, it will give solution suppliers a stage on which to present cutting-edge inventions, modern research, and development.

Do you know HealthTech Startups in India 2024


Anticipation is building for Automation Expo 2024, a highly anticipated event that pledges to deliver a dynamic and multifaceted experience for attendees. The expo is set to go beyond expectations, offering an extensive lineup of events designed to inspire, educate, and foster connections within the automation community. 

Attendees can look forward to being captivated by keynote speakers who are trailblazers in the field, sharing their insights and vision for the future.

One of the highlights of Automation Expo 2024 is the inclusion of interactive workshops, providing participants with hands-on experiences and practical knowledge.


21st Aug 2024       Inauguration                                            10.00 AM

22nd Aug 2024     Conference on Process Automation        09.30 AM

23rd Aug 2024     Conference on Factory Automation          09.30 AM

24th Aug 2024     Exhibition Concludes                                05.00 PM



The sole trade show in India for the tea, coffee, and related sectors is called World Tea & Coffee Expo. This platform has gained the industry’s trust throughout time and is reputable for opening doors for commerce and facilitating genuine handshakes amongst the tea and coffee industry as a whole.

India, being one of the world’s biggest producers and consumers of tea and coffee, presents a stimulating market for international businesses. WTCE, with its well planned exhibitions and conferences, enables the interchange of ideas and the unlocking of economic value.


Leon Skaliotis, General Manager
Flavourtech, Australia
Amul Agrawal, Director
Nepal Tea Development Corporation (NTDC)
Anup Chanda, General Sales Manager
Gopal Krishna Tea Estate, Guwahati


It will be held at the Bombay Exhibition Centre, from 16th October to 18th October 2024.

The 12TH edition of the expo, which is being hosted in conjunction with the Traffic Infratech Expo and the Smart Mobility Expo, will include the newest innovations in multimodal integration, customized multilevel off-street parking spaces, and management technologies for vehicular traffic.

The exhibition, which is anticipated to draw over 5,000 attendees, will bring together parking system suppliers, parking experts, government agencies, law enforcement, town planners, builders, infrastructure developers, consultants, and designers under one roof to network and exchange ideas and solutions as well as to explore potential business opportunities.


It will be held from 25th October to 27th October, 2024, at Bombay Exhibition Centre.

Recurring annually, the 17TH edition of the International Flora Expo 2024 is expected to draw leading players from India and throughout the globe to showcase their assortment of goods, cutting-edge inventions, and related events.

It will also provide a platform for the convergence of global business interests like the conventional flower and gardening industry professional’, bulk buyers from large industries; florists; retailers like home centers, supermarkets, departmental stores; interior designers; and interior shops, to interact, discuss, and exchange views on expanding their business avenues and forge strategic business partnerships.

The exhibition is slated to attract over 17,000 visitors in three days of the show.


will take place in the Bombay Convention & Exhibition Centre (BCEC) from November 21 to November 23, 2024.

Top players and industry experts in the fields of warehousing, material handling, automation, storage, logistics, and supply chains will be gathered under one roof at the exhibition, where they will have the chance to present their products and concepts, exchange ideas and solutions for challenges they may be facing, and look into potential new business ventures.

Benefits of the New Venue:

  • Cutting-edge facilities designed to accommodate the diverse range of exhibits at the show.
  • Strategic location with ample parking and easy accessibility
  • Only a 10-minute drive from the airport and Aero City hotels
  • On-site metro station for seamless transportation and accessibility


It will be held from 8th June to 9th June, 2024 at Bombay Exhibition Centre.

In addition to bringing manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, and end users together under one roof to discuss business opportunities, the exhibition will give exhibitors from India and overseas the opportunity to demonstrate and display products, equipment, and services used for health, wellness, and fitness activities.

Attendees will get to see state-of-the-art products and accessories.

The expo will also seek to advance the technological renovation of associated industry elements and fortify the inventive potential of the sector.


It will be held from 25th September to 27th September, 2024 at CIDCO Exhibition & Convention Center.

The exhibition will provide a unique networking and progress-driven platform that brings together under one roof the best of Indian and Global manufacturers, service providers, engineering solution providers, steam solution providers, from pharmaceutical, food and beverage, chemical, power generating, rice, sugar, textile, cement, steel, paper and pulp, rubber, distilleries, refineries, marine, cosmetics, paint and dye, etc, industries.

Exhibitor Benefits

  • Have cost-effect access to over 150 top brands
  • Exhibit your latest products, next-gen technology, innovative products and solutions to over 8,000 enthused audience
  • Launch new products or services
  • With the entire fabrication community under one roof, it will help to gauge instant market reactions and feedback on latest products
  • Can engage directly with a large gathering of industry buyers and investors, and can build strategic business alliances

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