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UcliQ is an emerging B2B platform that seeks to revolutionize local supply chains in India


With a small but highly efficient team of 8 members, UcliQ is an emerging B2B company (Marketplace) that seeks to revolutionize local supply chains in India. Though only 2 years old, UcliQ have around 1200 retailers they supply to, and over 400 suppliers on board.

In 2019 Founder & CEO – Sameer Malik started the UcliQ. The dream of UcliQ began as a B2C company that sought to make lives easier for individuals, households by curating a hyper local setup in various categories of goods and services – Groceries, Fruits and Vegetables, Medicine, Dry cleaning, etc. UcliQ targeted around 1500 households and partnered with 500+ retailers.

It was while being engaged in the system from within that UcliQ began to see the loopholes in the B2B supply chain prevalent in India. Price differences and unavailability of products were rampant, causing significant loses for businesses. UcliQ realised they could play a more significant role towards helping our local businesses if they tackle this problem instead, and with this new goal in mind, in December 2019, UcliQ switched to B2B and started their B2B operation in December 2020.

UcliQ – B2B Marketplace for Fresh Produce

UcliQ is a growing B2B Marketplace (Digital Mandi) for Fresh Produce. They are pioneers in solving one of the toughest supply chain problems of the world by leveraging innovative technology. UcliQ connect/discover Producers, Manufacturer, and Wholesaler directly with Retailers, Restaurants, and Service providers using in-house applications that drive end to end operations.

Since December 2020, UcliQ have completed 600+ orders and Crossed Rs.3000000 in Gross Merchandise Value. UcliQ serve goods in these categories – Chicken & Sea foods, Fruits and Vegetables, Grocery. UcliQ team connects farmers, manufacturers, producers and wholesalers with retailers, kirana stores, cafes and restaurants. Real time data on pricing ensures that are no losses for either party, UcliQ’s commitment to quality and freshness means no dissatisfaction and easy online payment methods ensures there are no shortage of funds.

What UcliQ do –

UcliQ eliminated intermediaries by taking control of the supply chain by using technology and analytics. UcliQ built reliable, cost-effective, and high-speed logistics and infrastructure to solve for inefficiencies and reduce food wastage in the supply chain.

UcliQ – Website Dashboard

On one end, farmers get better prices and consistent demand, and on the other end, retailers receive fresh produce at competitive prices that are delivered to their doorstep. UcliQ’s high-quality and hygienically handled fresh produce ensures healthy food to customers.

UcliQ goal is to minimise wastage of resources – time, money, goods – and UcliQ plan to use AI to achieve this. Real time data, behavioural and data sciences will enable them to understand demand trends and supply shortages. It is a work in progress. UcliQ team is actively working towards introducing technology into the supply chain in a way that helps local businesses grow.

Sameer Malik – UcliQ founder has seen the first-hand struggles of any small business. With a little helping hand from UcliQ’s end, local shops and restaurants have been able to focus on their business strategies, expand and become more efficient. There is no need for them to run to mandi’s early in the morning, or pre-order goods in bulk that might go to waste. UcliQ is always on standby, just a click away!


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