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Top 10 Startups Founded by Ola Mafia

Hubble Money, Amnic, Allo Health, Awign, Ultrahuman, Uni Cards are the Top 10 Startups Founded by Ola Mafia.
Top 10 Startups Founded by Ola Mafia

Ola is one of the biggest cab-booking companies in India, it is a multimillion-dollar company. If we talk about the work environment then their work environment is also very friendly. Apart from this they also give full support to their employees to grow.

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There are lots of Ola employees who founded a startup and later they became successful. employees who build their startup we called the Ola mafia. In this article, we will see some top startups which is a part of Ola Mafia.

Here is the list of the Top 10 Startups Founded by Ola Mafia

Uni Cards

Top 10 Startups Founded by Ola Mafia | Uni Cards

Banglore-based Uni card is a fintech startup, founded by Nitin Gupta and Prateek Jindal in 2020. It started to address the lack of credit card access for young Indians.

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They also have a feature where people pay their bills in three parts over 3 months. After the changes in regulations, they shifted their focus to co-branded credit cards and loans with the support of lending partners and securing $95M in funding.

xto10x technologies

Top 10 Startups Founded by Ola Mafia | xto10x technologies

xto10x technologies is a platform that provides tech tools and a learning platform that helps startups grow quickly. It was founded by Saikiran Krishnamurthy, Neeraj Aggarwal, and Binny Bansal in 2019. They also track employee NPS, generating reports for improvement with the help of software.

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Their Founders’ Academy course helps founders in scaling their employees. Their platform is used by more than 200 companies and 24 startups have graduated from their academy.

Allo Health

Top 10 Startups Founded by Ola Mafia | Allo Health

Bengaluru-based Allo Health is a Health & fitness brand founded by Pranay Jivrajka in 2021. It is a digital sexual health clinic that offers personalized and discreet healthcare solutions.

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Jivrajka comes from a medical background where he openly discusses sensitive topics on their YouTube channel. They also opened their and physical clinic in Bengaluru. It has secured $4.4 million from Nexus Venture Partners.


Top 10 Startups Founded by Ola Mafia | Amnic

Amnic is an operating platform founded by Ola co-founder Ankit Bhati in California. It is a SaaS platform aimed at optimizing cloud infrastructure for businesses. The company’s main mission is to offer the best technology canvas to businesses.

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It addresses the issue of overspending in the cloud, a problem faced by many companies, and 10% of their annual budget. It has secured $4.4 million.

O’Be Cocktails

Top 10 Startups Founded by Ola Mafia | O’Be Cocktails

O’Be Cocktails is a Bengaluru-based startup founded by Nitesh Prakash where they provide premium ready-to-drink cocktails. He was bored with the old cocktail taste in bars, so he decided to start his cocktails.

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They launched in 2021 and quickly sold over 100,000 bottles in the first year, Its mission is to sell Rs 100 crore worth of cocktails worldwide in the upcoming 5 years.

Hubble Money

Top 10 Startups Founded by Ola Mafia | Hubble Money

Hubble Money, founded in 2021 by Neeraj Tulsyan and Mayank Bishnoi, former Ola employees, and ISB alumni, offers discounted gift cards for brands like Flipkart and Zomato. They help users save 10% on monthly expenses.

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With 500,000 users having saved 1.1 crore rupees, the startup has secured $3.5M in investments.


Top 10 Startups Founded by Ola Mafia | Powerhouse91

Headquartered in Gurgaon Powerhouse91 is a platform that offers organic sanitary pads brand. It was founded by Shashwat Diesh and Aqib Mohammed. The platform addresses several issues such as rashes caused by low-quality pads.

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It sold more than 100,000 pads in just three months. In 2021, they established Powerhouse91 where they acquired and scaled smaller D2C brands such as Azah, doubling its revenue post-acquisition.


Top 10 Startups Founded by Ola Mafia | Awign

Awign is a Bengaluru-based tech-led on-demand work fulfillment platform founded by Annanya Sarthak, Gurpreet Singh, and Praveen Kumar Sah. It helps companies in outsourcing gig work, managing worker selection, training, and task completion.

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It has more than 1.5 million gig workers onboarded and partnered with over 100 businesses. It also secured $24.3M from Work10M, Eagle10 Ventures, Unitus Ventures and others.


Top 10 Startups Founded by Ola Mafia | LegalKart

LegalKart Gurgugram-based platform where users can find lawyers or take online advice. It was founded by Arvind Singhatiya in 2018,  To tackle the issue of limited technology adoption among lawyers it provides 24×7 online consultations in 10 Indian languages to connect clients with suitable lawyers.

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It has secured $469.3k from multiple investors Mitesh Shah, Sudarshan Gangrade, Pallav Singh, and others.


Top 10 Startups Founded by Ola Mafia | Ultrahuman

Ultrahuman is a Bangalore-based platform that was founded by Mohit Kumar and Vatsal Singhal in 2019, It provides two key products: the Ultrahuman Ring AIR, which is the world’s lightest sleep-tracking wearable, and the Ultrahuman M1, which is a real-time glucose level monitoring metabolic fitness tracker. The company has secured $25.1M from multiple investors such as Blume Ventures and Nexus Venture Partners.

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Ola mafia is doing amazing work for next-generation people. They build lots of startups that are performing well and make their own identity in the market. These startups are changing the face of Indian entrepreneurship and helping the country establish the largest startup ecosystem.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is OLA Mafia?

Those employees who worked in Ola but later built their businesses are known as old mafia.

Who founded LegalKart?

It is founded by Arvind Singhatiya.

Which are the Top 10 Startups Founded by Ola Mafia?

Hubble Money, Amnic, Allo Health, Awign, Ultrahuman, Uni Cards are the Top 10 Startups Founded by Ola Mafia.