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Top 3 Tips to Success in a Business | Kirana King | Anup K Kumar

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Tips to Success in a Business

Having a startup mentor is as important for a startup/company as it is for a student to have a teacher because mentors have experience, advice, startup tips, and the power to motivate which is vital for a startup. Know some important business tips to start a startup/company in India through this video, which can prove to be a boon for any startup/company.

About Kirana King company – Founder

Kirana King is the fastest growing grocery retail company which was started by Anup K Kumar in 2017 in Jaipur.

Tips to Success in a Business

Successful tips of Kirana King

“Anup K Kumar envisioned the revamping of traditional Kirana shops and giving them a fresh new appeal, as his business tagline aptly pronounces Empowering Grocery Retail.”

According to Anup K Kumar, there are 3 steps in any startup or business – “ Conceive, Believe & Achieve”.

Anup K Kumar says that Idea Validation, Team, Financial Support, startup tips and mentorship are very important factors for any new startup/company.

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