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This startup by a husband-wife duo brings Indian Ethnic Wear to the rest of the world | Yufta

Indian Ethnic Wear
Indian Ethnic Wear

Ethnic wear is a part of every Indian woman’s wardrobe. The Indian ethnic wear market is seeing tremendous growth and Indian ethnic designs are not just popular among Indians, but it is well-liked by people across the world.

Ravi Khandelwal and Vandana Gupta – Founder of Yufta have successfully made in-roads in to the business of Feminine Ethnic Wear and are now well accepted and appreciated for their design – creation exclusivities in ready to wear clothesline.

In the beginning

Heading from a small town in Rajasthan, Ravi Khandelwal had dreams larger than life and the zest to fulfill them too. Being a qualified Chartered Accountant, he has a rich experience of decade in the corporate world of India as well as overseas and has headed some leading positions in renowned MNCs.

Beside(and not behind) every successful man there is a woman, same has been the case with Ravi who is partnered in real life as well as in Yufta with his beloved Vandana, co-founder and heading the creative team. They have an energy-powerhouse as their son, Daksh, keeping their enthusiasm at peaks.

The handcrafted journey

Yufta was a brainchild of two friends and their spouses who found Jaipur to be the perfect strategic place of women-ethnic wear and with e – commerce bustling, Yufta entered the scenario.

While the partners hustled to keep no stone unturned, Yufta within a short span of four years, have served to more than a million women across the globe and was awarded with various Best startup / Business honors.

When one starts their business their only horizon is to make it successful and to do so the team has to be 100% invested as businesses are synonymous to challenges. The co-founders, with their exquisite corporate experience and market knowledge, took some bold decisions which hit the Bull’s eye.

Indian Ethnic Wear
Yufta – Indian Ethnic Wear


One of the biggest challenge is raising the requisite funds for the business, Ravi acknowledges and is immensely grateful to Investor cum Partner Vivek Lodha who not only participated financially but bought in the network and the know-how to reach such a dynamic market in a short-span.

Challenges go hand in hand with new businesses, Yufta was no different. There were hurdles and many road bumps, but what kept them going was their passion and they knew there was no turning back.

The biggest factor, after you have sorted your finances, is to curate the perfect personnel who can envision the same goal you are running the Company with. Yufta has been bestowed with some extremely talented artisans and team managers who take that extra care to watch every piece that leaves our workstation to the Client’s door so that happiness is truly delivered with every order.

The team

With a team of 100+ employees, the company has been divided by teams but united by same spirit and goal of Yufta. All decisions are finessed by Co-Founder and CEO of Yufta, Ravi along with Vandana Gupta, Co-founder and Creative head.

The target group

The audience which Yufta is catering to is ruled by Women and the husbands who are looking out for a thoughtful-quality- rich gifts for their better-half. The home-maker, college-goer, office leader, women wear many hats in a lifetime, so we are dedicatedly contributing towards them making excellent dressing choices when it comes to ethnic wear.

Be ready to give it all to have it all and don’t fall prey to the herd call!

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