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This probiotic beverages startup by a 20 year old for health, happiness and fun with at affordable price || Kultur’d || Siddhi Tamby

Siddhi Tamby Founder of Kultur’d

Siddhi Tamby is an Economics and Finance student at Singapore Management University. She started Kultur’d a year back at the age of 20 while still being in college. She is passionate about having a good time while creating a meaningful and positive impact on people and the environment. The idea behind Kultur’d took birth after she discovered the innumerable health benefits of these miraculous live probiotic cultures. After years of research and development to combine age-old fermentation techniques with modern machinery to master the art and science behind probiotics, she decided to share her love and belief in them with the Indian market, by making them affordable and easily available.

Founder & Start-up Story
It was the summer of 2018 when Siddhi Tamby had to go in for an immediate surgery. This was a completely black swan event in her life. Being a typical college student who forgot to take care of herself, she found herself pondering about this stressful life she was leading. Well, that was it. To get better, she had to switch to a healthier living and that when she got introduced to the world of fermented probiotic products. However, at that time, they weren’t affordable or readily available in India and she had to start making her own. After a few months of making this lifestyle change, she noticed a remarkable difference in her energy levels, immunity and general well-being. But every day, she would wish she could just buy these probiotic beverages and foods at an affordable price from a grocery store shelf so it could save her the hassle of making them!

Fast forward to the beginning of 2020, Siddhi Tamby was in Singapore doing a finance internship when Covid-19 took over. Another black swan events. She had to terminate her internship early, and she had no job for a few months. She was heartbroken and extremely stressed about her career. Siddhi desperately wanted a finance internship even though she wasn’t particularly happy filling excel sheets 16 hours a day. When she was unemployed for those 2-3 months, she got the chance to reflect and ponder. Siddhi realised that she was desperately in pursuit of something which did not even bring me happiness and satisfaction. She wanted to work for herself, build something impactful and thus the idea for Kultur’d was born.

Siddhi came back to India for 6 months and with the help of her mother’s undying support, she started her very own venture. The ailment and the Covid-19 were two wrongs which resulted in a right for her. Both of them lead to phases of hopelessness, but somehow things turned out great. “This is a path that she never in her wildest dreams pictured herself taking, but that’s life” Isn’t it? She speaks. Unexpected and exciting! She sincerely believes in the saying “Everything happens for a reason. No matter how much you dislike your life at the moment, there is surely a bigger and a better plan in the making. Always listen to your heart and be open for change, you never know what’s in store for you!”

Kultur’d an India Brand for Probiotic Beverages
Kultur’d is an Indian brand manufacturing probiotic beverages like Kombucha, Kefir and Jun. Kultur’d’s product are rich in good bacteria , proteins, vitamins, calcium and antioxidants which build immunity nourish hair & skin and Fights cancer cells. Started from Jaipur, it is soon set to take over the Indian market through grocery stores, cafes and restaurants. Her vision at Kultur’d is to make good health fun and affordable. People often associate staying healthy with a difficult and boring time, however Kultur’d’s delicious range of flavourful probiotics break the norm.

Kultur’d Probiotics Beverages

Purpose of Startup – Kultur’d
People aiming to lead a healthier lifestyle, often associate it with a difficult and unpleasant time. With the introduction of Kultur’d, the founder aims to reinvent a culture where, when people think about healthy, happiness and fun they think Kultur’d.

According to Siddhi Tamby, every person deserves to know about the magic of probiotics and therefore Kultur’d focuses on everyone as our consumer. Kultur’d’s aim is to add on to the probiotic drink culture and solidify it further by establishing themselves as a daily brand. Kultur’d is looking to target the curiosity of a child within the customer, the energy of youth and the wisdom of age. Kultur’d is now India’s first kombucha to be served on tap.

Reach out –

Website: https://kulturd.co/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kulturd_/?hl=en



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