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Collective Efforts | The Journey from Slums to School | Opportunity of crisis | Tamish Agarwal

Collective Efforts
Collective Efforts
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Collective Efforts was founded by Tamish Agarwal in 2020. Collective Efforts is a group of volunteers that helps society in multiple ways.

They started in 2020, helped around 40000+ People, Trying to make more and more impact ahead. Education of Underprivileged Children, Polythene-free India, Employment and Food for Everyone, etc, are the high priority mission of Collective Efforts which have a high impact on our society.

Liberating Education

Collective Efforts education
Liberating Education

In June 2020, they set up a community school at a Basti (slum) near Pashu Hatwara, Ramgarh in Jaipur, and taught children of underprivileged families.

They taught children of different age groups as well as ensured that they follow covid-behavior. More than 35 of these children have given up begging and will join school soon. Furthermore, they raised funds through social media and word of mouth for books, clothes, and midday meals for these children.

Health Awareness

Collective Efforts health
Health Awareness

During the second wave of coronavirus in India, they spread awareness about the importance of vaccination & wearing masks.

They went to different villages and rural areas such as Muhana, Faggy, and many others to distribute masks, anitizers & Pamphlets. They impacted approximately over 4000 people with this campaign.

Providing Employment

Collective Efforts employment
Providing Employment

Moreover, they have a project that helps these unfortunate parents to earn a livelihood. They have started a video CV platform to offer the underprivileged an opportunity to find employment.

Especially the mothers are engaged in making cloth-bags and their produce is supplied to local vendors who use them as a replacement for harmful plastic bags. These bags are made of recycled clothing, primarily used sarees, which are thin and suitable for packing groceries.

Polyethene Awareness

Collective Efforts polythene
Polyethene Awareness

Moreover, they have carried out innovation in social science which is aimed to have a positive impact on ecology and the environment.

Campaigning against the use of plastic bags, they have got 1000 local vendors to use cloth bags. They have linked this campaign to create employment for women from slum areas who are making cloth bags.

Distributing Food

Inspired by the Robinhood army, Collective Efforts started collecting leftover food in 2018 and then distributing it to needy people. Now, they also give full months rations to 10 families. Till date they have distributed 20,000 food packets.

Collective Efforts
Collective Efforts

Their Recent Campaigns are Vaccination Awareness since March 2021, Free Medicines to people during COVID -2 to 8 Months Ago, Education campaign for underprivileged kids since June 2020, Food donation campaign Since 2018 & Women Empowerment Campaign Since 2020 August and many more impactable efforts.

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