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Jaipur-Based Startup Aims To Help People Manage Their Health And Confidence | The Wellness Speaks by VERACIOUS

The Wellness Speaks by VERACIOUS
The Wellness Speaks by VERACIOUS

Isha Jain – an introverted kid, always listening to her parents, absolutely involved into home, Mom Dad’s girl, playing outdoors. However, she always take the lead and participated in various activities.

Isha remember once she got influenced by Video Jockey. She watched them on those 90’s music channels VTv, and MTv, and while she was out for a family dinner Isha interviewed people eating out there. She was asking them how the food is, what you liked, etc. However, now she changed into a writer, a hidden writer & an extroverted lady who always stood upfront, straightforward, absolutely transparent with her thoughts, & may add all those synonyms to these such words as a personality she carry and simply call herself an Ambivert.

Isha Jain completed Masters in Arts with Philosophy subject and to everyone’s surprise, she took 5 years break, before she gave it a thought to do after her graduation.

So, while Isha was living her journey as a Professional Yog Teacher & Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner, she got selected for a Government Project in which they taught her the Business development skills & techniques. In that program her Mentor Dr. Jawahar Surisetti chose her idea for prototype and shared his understanding to expand it and gave her the opportunity to create it into a Wellness Platform. So, after a big juggle and brainstorming she talked to all the trainers, currently collaborated with VERACIOUS, shared her idea of providing online services to the corporates & individuals, which they agreed to be a part of and Isha Jain launched the website in the Month of May, 2021

“I will get the opportunity to connect with people as a team of so many, which will give a lead to my thought to work together with more likemind people and embrace the theory of the barter system”.

To spread the understanding and basics of a healthy life with more & more people, which Isha always crave for. She wish that people around the world will absorb this understanding that when the foundation is effective & strong, the building will be created more strongly.

Isha was part of “Her & Now” and selected for acceleration project and she received a sum of little amount funded to her startup idea.

The challenges faced during startup – Being an alone person in the startup, she has to handle all aspects, either planning the strategy to promote the company, handling the accounts, etc. Due to lack of funds, she always thinking proactive, approaching and investing things in every manner.

The one blessing Isha showered with is, THE WELLNESS SPEAKS, the first Wellness Journal + workbook which was published in the month of November and now available on amazon PAN India. Saurabh Sharma Co-founder of Lapsus Creation shared his rough idea with Isha Jain create a book which gives an understanding of health, fitness, etc.

The Wellness Speaks by VERACIOUS

Isha liked the thought & shared it with her team, and with the support of her experts Meeta Mathur, Mahima Khandelwal, Sakshee Jain, Soumya Sharma who provided her the content of the expertise they’re enriched with she curated, compiled, & created this Journal in the month of July. And with further steps in process they succeeded to receive 100 + pre-orders and 6th November, 2021 received the first handbook. A hidden writer who was always into writing blogs, poems, articles, became an author after a journey of 17 years.

According to Isha Jain, the passion, the zeal of learning, evolving and achieving things with a clear vision with all the support push her to do things. She always see how as an audience it will be beneficial, may it take time. However, at the end when she will be the leading one, her vision will approach the correct audience and that will be the success for her.

A huge box of questions inside Isha’s mind what, how and where to start things. Everyday a new approach with a new understanding, idea, struggle to the core with a never-ending spirit that she will be achieving it soon. Technically, she is searching to pitch with the corporate because that will give her a clear validation that what she delivering is correct, where she have to improvise.

Startup Advice from Isha

  • Value every small thing, every person starting with you which is involved in that dream (be grateful).
  • Do a huge research work of every single thing, person you’re connecting with in every manner with that project, clarity is important. What, How, When, Where is my sequence because Why is always answered as you start even if you’re confused.
  • See the logic behind every minimal happening, you can’t be emotional with every step.

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