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[Funding alert] Skyroot Aerospace raises $4.5 m in funding from Google’s Ram Shriram

Skyroot Aerospace
Skyroot Aerospace

Space technology platform Skyroot Aerospace has raised $4.5 million in Series B funding round from Google’s founding board member Ram Shriram’s Sherpalo Ventures & other investors also participated in this funding round including Wami Capital, former WhatsApp chief business officer Neeraj Arora and ex-Google executive Amit Singhal.

Space technology platform Skyroot Aerospace was founded by Pawan Kumar Chandana & Naga Bharath Daka in 2018.

“We are thrilled to have support from incredible investors, including one of the world’s most influential tech investors Ram Shriram, validating Skyroot’s vision and execution over the past three years,” Skyroot co-founder and CEO Pawan Kumar Chandana said in a statement.

A new space age is emerging and the extraordinary opportunities in space depend on the transportation systems from Earth to Space. At Skyroot Aerospace, they are building technologies for responsive, reliable and economic access to space. They envision a future where spaceflight is as regular, reliable and affordable as airflight.

“India has long been a leader in rocket launch capability, especially at a significantly lower cost. Skyroot takes that technical strength to the next level, with its innovative and cost-effective space launch capability, disrupting the status quo in the global launch market,” Shriram said. 

Skyroot is founded by former engineers of the rocket design centre of ISRO. Veterans from Indian Space and Defence programs who bring forth over three centuries of collective experience in building rocket systems, are an active part of their journey.



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