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[Funding alert] Raises $2 Mn In Seed Funding Round

[Funding alert] Raises $2 Mn In Seed Funding Round Secured $2 million in a seed funding round. YCombinator, Fundersclub, GoodWater Capital, Misbah and Nishchay (Founders of Jar), along with other angel investors, are among the well-known investors supporting the fundraising.

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Developing an LLM (Language Model) educated for various educational use cases would take up a sizeable portion of the funding, improving the platform’s strengths and adaptability. By the end of December 2023, the AI-powered learning platform hopes to have assisted the first 100,000 students, as reported by

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Vimal Singh Rathore, CEO of Shaktimaan & Qoohoo, envisions as a revolutionary force in transforming the learning experience for competitive exam candidates while addressing the hurdles students face during their preparation. He expressed his stance on the development, saying, “When I encountered GenAI last year, it struck me that this could be a game-changer in education, particularly in a nation like ours where quality teaching is often beyond reach. Shaktimaan is our answer to the challenges of affordability and accessibility of excellent education in India. The prospect of making a real difference keeps our entire team driven and inspired.”

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Aseem Gupta and Vimal Singh Rathore launched together. It is the first personal mentor program and learning ecosystem in India. The current services provided by Shaktimaan include personalized feedback and real-time doubt clarification, as well as in-depth analyses of students’ handwritten responses. This strategy provides targeted guidance and effective study schedules for UPSC hopefuls. seeks to transform the educational system by utilizing artificial intelligence to make learning more approachable, interesting, and personalized.

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