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[Funding alert] SaaS Startup BarRaiser raises $4.2 mn seed funding

SaaS Startup BarRaiser
Team BarRaiser

BarRaiser, an AI-powered interviewing platform has raised $4.2 million in seed funding round from 021 Capital and Global Founders Capital, with participation from other angel investors.

The AI company plans to use the funds to expand its geographic footprint and scale teams in engineering and data science to meet growing demand for its SaaS and interviewee community product, Barraiser+.

Founded in 2020, The US-based BarRaiser uses an AI-powered interview platform, data-driven analysis and the support of hundreds of experts from leading companies around the world to make the interview process smart.

The startup’s proprietary AI generates a Normalized Barraiser Global Score (BGS) – an industry-acclaimed benchmark of candidates’ true potential, based on over 200 data points in interviews.

“With 30,000 technical interviews already under our belt, we are raising the bar on hiring. BarRaiser’s mission is to help companies hire exceptional talent faster while conducting structured and fair interviews”, said, Avinash Saxena, CEO of BarRaiser.

“We are working with over 250 leading tech companies and are seeing continuously growing demand across the globe. This financing round will help us expand our reach and make additional investments in technology that helps close the gap between talent and opportunity”, he added.

Its specialist partners are data scientists, product managers and technology leaders at well-known companies such as Amazon, Walmart, Facebook, Uber and Microsoft.

“BarRaiser is creating an awesome candidate experience with their transparent and structured interview process. Companies can now hire at a significantly faster pace without putting pressure on internal teams. This has also helped them grow tremendously fast, with top brands getting access to the rockstar team of interviewers at BarRaiser”, said, Sailesh Tulshan, Founder of 021 Capital.

About BarRaiser

With the evolution of technology, candidates’ learning has broken the traditional bounds. There are new ways of learning, empowering candidates to explore all domains and advance their knowledge in their areas of interest.

But, the conventional validation of skills by companies prevents them from getting the job they deserve. There is a gap between talent and opportunity, and they are bridging this gap by providing accurate validation of individual skills with structured interviews in various domains.

Their expert partners are data scientists, product managers, and technology leaders placed at well-reputed firms like Amazon, Walmart, Facebook, Uber, Microsoft, etc.

They have established themselves as well-known faces in their respective fields and are recognized as subject matter experts.

They understand that evaluation should be fair and transparent. Hence, their live interviewing platform is equipped with smart technology to direct the interview and keep a quality check throughout the process.

Their proprietary AI analyzes 200+ data points throughout the interview to create a comprehensive feedback and assessment report. Provided with a video tagging feature, any team member can jump to the relevant question and can connect with candidates via chat directly.

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