Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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[Funding alert] SaaS-Based Enterprise Platform Actyv.ai raises $5M in pre-Series A round

SaaS-Based Enterprise Platform Actyv.ai
Team Actyv.ai

Enterprise SaaS platform Actyv.ai, has raised $5 million in a pre-Series A round from Dubai-based 1Digi Investment management firm, the family office of its global Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Raghunath Subramanian.

The company said to use the fresh funds to scale and expand globally, now that it has an established foothold in India.

“We have pioneered the B2B BNPL space in the closed loop ecosystem comprising enterprises, SMBs and financial institutions. Actyv.ai platform enables quick and efficient onboarding, comprehensive health assessment & scoring of SMBs. As Category Creators we know there is a tremendous opportunity to bridge the gaps prevalent in the supply chain ecosystem globally,” Raghunath Subramanian, Global CEO, Actyv.ai, said.

Large enterprises are using Actyv.ai to transform their supply chains and to empower their Channel Partners. With Actyv.ai, they can onboard partners faster, get paid instantly and improve the financial health of the supply chain ecosystem.

“We believe that Actyv.ai has the potential to reach the under-served category and evolve as a game changer in the B2B space. Our immediate focus now will be to onboard top-tier talent across R&D, product management and engineering, sales and marketing/business development and corporate development across India (multi-location), Singapore, London, Dubai and Eastern Europe,” Raghu added.

Actyv.ai partners with leading FIs and provides instant access to capital for the partner SMBs along with providing intuitive Digital Tools.

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