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[Funding alert] Recruitment startup Kula raises $2.7 mn in pre-seed funding

Recruitment automation platform - Kula
Recruitment automation platform – Kula

Recruitment automation startup Kula has raised $2.7 million pre-seed funding from Venture Highway, Together Fund, and Global Founders Capital.

Recruitment automation startup Kula was founded by Achuthanand Tanjore Ravi, Sathappan Muthupalaniappan & Suman Kumar Dey in 2021. They are on a mission to build the most reliable and fundamentally transforming platform for recruiters all across the globe.

Kula is a recruitment automation platform that lets you proactively reach out and engage with the top talent everywhere. With Kula, you have complete control, visibility, and predictability on your entire talent pipeline.

With Kula, the recruitment teams outperform expectations by opening up more conversations with future employees, automated nudges and follow-ups on professional and personal touchpoints, and a dedicated module for making referral hiring, effortless.


They are working to bring something revolutionary to the recruiters. Something that changes the way the recruitment function fundamentally operates. They call it – Recruitment Automation.



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