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Mindfields announces partnership with Uniphore

Mindfields announces partnership with Uniphore
Mohit Sharma & Ravi Saraogi

Mindfields, a hyper-automation, and artificial intelligence advisory firm has partnered with Uniphore which works in Conversational Automation.

It said in a statement that the partnership will enhance Mindfields’ offerings, helping the company move its customers to the next phase of interactive automation.

The partnership will enable organizations to transform the customer engagement experience with conversational automation, analytics, and conversational security, manage uncertainty in the current COVID-19 environment, optimize investment in existing and emerging technologies, conversational automation will empower businesses to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, helping them remain competitive in a challenging business landscape.

This will expedite the process and make the business case more viable for re-edge call center departments and customer touchpoints during and after COVID-19 scenarios. This will allow enterprises to improve the overall customer experience and achieve better business results.

The company said that the current shortage and available talent is a matter of concern for many. AI-powered, automated conversational systems can take the heavy lifting off agents, while contact centers remain unwise and under pressure.

Mohit Sharma, Founder and Executive Chairman of Mindfields said, “We are very excited to partner with Uniphore. With Uniphore’s conversational automation platform we can help our clients move beyond Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to hyper automation with agent training, sentiment prediction, voiceprint security, summaries and more. This way clients can supplement their current engagement for superior customer interactions for both outsourced and captive processes.”

“Today consumers want faster resolution, leading to rapid change in business landscape and adoption of technology by enterprises to enhance customer experience. Covid-19 has further intensified the need for AI and automation to keep up with consumer demands that need to be addressed in real-time to ensure brand loyalty. Our partnership with Mindfields strengthens our local partner ecosystem; improves customer experiences and assists contact center agents to perform better”, said, Ravi Saraogi, Co-founder & President (APAC), Uniphore.

Mindfields is part of Uniphore’s partner program ‘Unite’. The program includes the resources needed to support the partner’s lifecycle from end-to-end and enables partners to leverage Uniphore’s best-of-breed, innovative technology to expand their portfolio and profitability.

About Mindfields :

Founded in 2006, Mindfields is a hyper automation advisory firm with presence in APAC and the US. Mindfields was the first mover in the RPA space and the first to implement the UiPath and Automation Anywhere platforms.

It provides strategy services to CXO level executives across verticals on emerging and disruptive technologies. Mindfields started its automation advisory offering in 2013 and was among the first few on a global basis to offer such advisory services. Mindfields is globally recognised by Gartner, IDC, ISG, Deloitte Fast 500 and HFS Research as a leading, niche hyperautomation advisory firm.

Mindfields helps select and work on the tools best suited to clients’ requirements. Mindfields vision is to ‘Grow for Tomorrow’ with a firm belief that growth is underpinned by the positive outcomes achieved for clients.

About Uniphore :

Uniphore is the global leader in Conversational Automation. Every day, billions of conversations take place across industries — customer service, sales, HR, education and more. Whether they are human to human, human to machine or machine to machine, conversations are at the heart of everything they do, and the new currency of the enterprise.

At Uniphore, they believe companies that best understand and take action on those conversations will win. they have built the most comprehensive and powerful conversational automation platform that combines conversational AI, workflow automation, and RPA (Robotic Process Automation) with a business user-friendly-UX in a single integrated platform to transform and democratize customer experiences across industries.



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