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[Funding alert] Metaverse platform Bullieverse raises $4 mn led by Web3 venture funds

Metaverse platform Bullieverse
Metaverse platform Bullieverse

Bullieverse, an open-world metaverse platform, has raised $4 mn led by prominent Web3 venture funds and investors to boost the metaverse experience on the Bullieverse.

Other investors also participated in the round including Okx Blockdream Ventures, Fundamental Games, 6th Man Ventures, C2 Ventures, Gate Labs, GravityX, Roark Fund, LD Capital, Rainmaker Games, Good Games Guild, Gen Block, Shima Capital, DWeb3, ExNetwork.

“Bullieverse was founded with a vision to create an open metaverse DAO in a fun and adventurous way. The mission to create a DAO involving gaming and a metaverse play will deliver a self-reinforcing gaming environment for the community. We believe we are different, and we have already started demonstrating that through our execution — the quality of design, gaming experience, platform design etc,” said, Srini Anala, Co-founder & CEO at Bullieverse.

Bulliever is a fantasy Metaverse platform where content creators can play to earn, have fun and make new friends. A collection of 10,000 citizens live on The Bulliever Island as ERC-721 NFTs.

“In due course, we will also be able to interoperate with other Metaverse economies. The launchpad for the entire vision would be through building a loyal and crypto native community that loves our dope NFT designs, immersive gameplay, and simple game creation mechanisms”, he added.

“As investors in the Web 3 space, we focus on product and the team. Bullieverse clearly has a top tier metaverse-gaming product and is led by a very experienced and balanced team. Both 6th Man Ventures and Bullieverse believe in the true potential of pay-and-earn gaming, its ability to expand and reign in the gaming industry,” said, Mike Dudas, partner at 6th Man Ventures.



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