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[Funding alert] Metasky raises $1.8mn from Sequoia Capital India, Woodstock Fund


Benguluru based Metasky, a platform aimed at the intersection of Web3 and the creator economy, has raised $1.8 mn in a pre-seed token sale round from Sequoia Capital India and Woodstock Fund.

Metasky was founded in 2021 by Ankit Arora and Prakhar Sharma, Web3 platform Metasky offers user-friendly tools for buying, storing and using non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

“Concepts like NFTs only make sense if they are accompanied with a strong set of utilities, a passionate community, and real governance rights. We are building Web3 tools to serve this purpose.” said, Ankit Arora co-founder of Metasky.

Metasky’s mission to elevate NFTs from just images into objects that are alive and packed with exclusive benefits.

The company said in a statement that it is launching a user-friendly Web3 Wallet that makes it easy for anybody to buy and securely hold Crypto Assets (NFTs and crypto tokens).

Web3 is a set of technologies that give ownership of digital assets and data straight to end users. Ownership is given in the form of NFTs and Crypto Tokens.



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