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Meet Marcela Baur, a Brazilian psychologist who became a Digital Creator

Marcela Baur founder of Digital Platform JaipurbyMarcela

Marcela’s parents were young, fun, hardworking and ethical. When she was 18 years old, her parents passed away. “This disastrous episode taught me many lessons: to be my best company, to count on myself, that complaining will not take me anywhere and pursue my goals,” Marcela says. She signed up to do Psychology as a degree. Nowadays she has been working on Digital Market.

As a city explorer and outgoing person, Marcela was gathering a series of information about our charm pink city, and she was always sharing all of them with great pleasure to her friends by WhatsApp groups. There was a period that she started hearing very often from different friends that she should share these experiences and knowledge in a professional way. Her friends used to say that they were sure that more people would like to have access to everything that Marcela know and many even joked that she knew more than the ones who were born here. The final take was when a very close friend suggested to open an account on Instagram – it made her think.

“When my friend suggested me about the instagram account, my eyes shone and my heart started beating faster with this idea… I said YES  and decided this is WHAT I WILL DO!!! And that’s how a Brazilian psychologist became a Digital Creator, where @jaipurbymarcela was born and our JBM family started – which I’m very proud of,” Marcela says.

Marcela started the @Jaipurbymarcela with the objective of sharing her knowledge, help people, make their lives happier, lighter, and more charming through her experiences.

Marcela faced some financial difficulties while starting the @JaiburbyMarcela company, in which her husband Mr. Roberto stood strong with Marcela and supported her. Marcela is very passionate about everything she does, believes in her values and wants to give back to the society. These things have helped her in many ways to achieve more.

Here Marcela quotes a very interesting formula which makes an entrepreneur successful

Success = (K + S) A

knowledge (15%) that is acquired through different resources, is what you know, your technical knowledge. Skills (25%) is the know-how, your aptitude, your ability to produce and your practical experience. Attitude (60%) is what you want to do, your way of acting and reacting daily in relation to facts and other people in your environment.

Marcela has a message to all the aspiring entrepreneurs

“Make your business plan, have a purpose, study the market and your competitors, keep studying, learn to speak in public, know your audience, don’t be afraid of making mistakes, control your time and measure your progress.”


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