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Meet Dr. Jyoti Samseriya, who is bringing Herbal Cafe to your doorstep

“Swastha Param Dhanam” – Health is Wealth

Dr. Jyoti Samseriya (Pillay) born and brought up in Nagpur, the second capital of Maharashtra. Being a Tamilan she always had studies as first priority. She is an Asst. Professor by profession working in Raisoni College of Commerce Science and Technology, Nagpur. Since years she has been teaching the subject Entrepreneurship Development to Undergraduates of Business Management Program. This field always fascinated and made her dream to become an entrepreneur.

It was June 2020, when by compulsion all of Professors teaching in College had to take up MOOC s courses. After going through various options of Entrepreneurship Courses Dr. Jyoti Samseriya luckily found out WSP 3.0 by NSRCEL IIM Bangalore.

She just applied for it and few days later got a mail that she is shortlisted for the course. She got the course schedule along with confirmation letter.

Dr. Jyoti Samseriya says that “Little did I know, a compulsion became the road for achieving my dream of becoming entrepreneur”.

The format of the course was very challenging and required lot of efforts. Dr. Jyoti Samseriya got a task of submitting 10 business ideas. Out of that ideas finally she had to take one idea (Herbal Adda – The Herbal Cafe ) ahead. She had three ideas which were very close to her and she wanted to work on any one of them. She started discussing with her husband about what all things she can go ahead with. It was her husband who said “Why you don’t do something in which you believe and have tried”.

A session by Prof. Nagraja Prakasam (Resident Mentor NSRCEL IIM Bangalore) was organised where he spoke about what type of ventures are really appealing. His one statement “Play With your Strength” made Dr. Jyoti Samseriya to take the decision of Herbal Adda. The idea which was at no. 8th in her business ideas list, went ahead of all other ideas.

Herbal Adda – The Herbal Café

Herbal Adda founders - Dr. Jyoti Samseriya and Vinod Samseriya
Herbal Adda founders – Dr. Jyoti Samseriya and Vinod Samseriya

The concept came from the remedies and concoctions which were given by her husband (Vinod Samseriya ). Vinod Samseriya is a Zumba, fitness trainer, choreographer and event manager and a strong believer and follower of Ayurveda and ancient Indian medicinal remedies, to all his students for various medical conditions such as weight, sugar, cholesterol, PCOD etc.

Dr. Jyoti Samseriya belief in the method became stronger when she was able to reverse her hypothyroid for which she was taking 100mg medication. Three years now and free from thyroid and any medication. She told her husband that she will take Herbal Adda ahead if he help her losing post pregnancy weight, and then her husband prepared Medhar Tea (one of their variant) which helped her to lose 2 KG in a month without any dieting.

Dr. Jyoti Samseriya and Vinod Samseriya feel disheartened for the fact that India is in the top 10 list of countries where people are suffering from lifestyle diseases. The major reason here is globalization of food Habits’. They want them to believe in Ancient Indian Knowledge and make the western people follow them.

Herbal Adda Incubated by NSRCEL IIMB and Co Incubated by InFED IIMN.

Herbal Adda – The Herbal Cafe provide aliment specific Tea/concoctions like weight loss, lifestyle disease and immunity booster suitable for all age group both in Tea bags and Premixes

The café would also provide health food/breakfast options along with Tea. At present Herbal Adda launched the products to see its acceptability before going for a physical Café.

Herbal Adda - Herbal Teas & more
Herbal Adda – Herbal Teas & more

Dr. Jyoti Samseriya and Vinod Samseriya believe that food is the best medicine and kitchen is the best pharmacy.

Herbal Adda - The Herbal Cafe
Herbal Adda – The Herbal Cafe

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