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MedCords – that made healthcare Hi-tech | Aayu App | Sehat Sathi App

MedCords - that made healthcare Hi-tech | Aayu App | Sehat Sathi App
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Healthcare startup MedCords was founded in 2017 by Nikhil Baheti, Shreyans Mehta and Saida Dhanavath.

After an extensive research across 800 villages over a period of 18 months, the founders of MedCords fairly understood what India, especially rural, wanted in healthcare. In May 2017, MedCords started its operations in Rajasthan starting from one district in Kota. Since then, the ecosystem comprising 2 android apps – “Aayu app” for Families & “Sehat Sathi App” for Medical Stores and a doctor web portal (doctors.medcords.com) has been widely adopted by the rapidly progressing semi-urban and rural markets of India.

Since then, they have reached over thousands of villages and cities across 11 states, served more than 35 Lakhs families, & working in partnership with 20000+ medical stores and 5000+ specialist doctors across 33 specialities.

Aayu App

MedCords - that made healthcare Hi-tech | Aayu App | Sahat Sathi App
Aayu App

Aayu is the go to service for customers, where they can order medicines from their nearby medical stores in 2 hours, and talk to a doctor without an appointment from the comfort of their home. Aayu is currently being trusted by 35 lakhs+ families across the country with 5000+ specialist doctors onboard and 40,000+ medical stores that help deliver medicines.

Sehat Sathi App

Sehat Sathi App
Sehat Sathi App

Sehat Sathi app helps in digitizing the medical stores and enables them to leverage the benefits of going online. It has emerged as a true friend to the pharmacies by helping them adapt with the changing times. They have 40,000+ trusted medical stores as a part of this network.

They have created a strong local support structure for healthcare services across India. With this network, patients are able to consult doctors online at home within minutes as well as order medicines from their trusted nearby medical stores & get them delivered at home in minimum time!! They have been successful in reducing healthcare expenses, travel time and efforts of users.

MedCords is backed by leading investors like InfoEdge Group, WaterBridge Ventures and multiple industry experts.

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