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This Man Quit Job, 1st Day Earned 49 Rs, Today Built Rs 200 Cr. Worth Company | Atulya Kaushik

This Man Quit Job, 1st Day Earned 49 Rs, Today Built Rs 200 Cr. Worth Company | Atulya Kaushik
This Man Quit Job, 1st Day Earned 49 Rs, Today Built Rs 200 Cr. Worth Company | Atulya Kaushik

Meet Atulya Kaushik, who is from Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. This man has no IIM or IIT degrees, but he has built a multimillion business.


The journey begins with a childhood dream and a passion to start his business. However, Atulya Kaushik did a B.Tech in Computer Science from the prestigious Vellore Institute of Technology, and after graduation, Atulya received the highest package in the college and joined a venture with a good offer.


Due to some issues in the venture, approximately 50% of the employees were fired, and as a result, this led to the fear that the next number might be mine. Atulya started thinking that in college I was the boy with the highest package, and today my job is in danger. At this time, Atulya thought, “Where am I stuck in a 9-to-5 job?” and also felt so much tension that don’t know when the company would shut down.

But, without losing hope

Atulya thought that this was the right time to pursue my childhood dream and also decided to write blogs for those students who should know about the important things before joining a company so that they can make informed decisions in their lives.

After thinking about all this,

He started writing blogs, and 1st day earned Rs 49, 1st month 5,000, 2nd month 30,000, and 3rd month 3,00,000 Rs. by working at home. Then, Atulya and his 2 friends, Aashay Mishra and Manish Agarwal, shifted to Noida, Uttar Pradesh, and started working full-time at a co-working centre.


In July 2017, Atulya quit his job to launch a startup aimed at assisting engineers in India, particularly those from Tier 2 and Tier 3 colleges in India. Furthermore, in 2017, he launched PrepInsta with friends and batchmates Aashay Mishra and Manish Agarwal. They were skyrocketing, and after 2.5 years, a company offered to purchase Prepinsta for Rs 150 crore. However, Atulya declined this offer.

  • PrepInsta offers courses that improve skills and prepare students for successful job interviews by connecting job seekers and companies. They provide over 200 courses on topics such as Java, Python, machine learning, AI, and many more.
  • PrepInsta is India’s one of the most visited website for placement and upskilling and has helped over 8 million engineering students get their first job.
  • PrepInsta founders Atulya Kaushik, Aashay Mishra, and Manish Agarwal were named to Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list.

And this is how this entrepreneur has built 49 Rs to Rs. 200 Cr. worth company.

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