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Mahindra group collaborates with Google Cloud for digital transformation

Mahindra group collaborates with Google Cloud
Mahindra group collaborates with Google Cloud

Mahindra Group and tech giant Google Cloud have announced their collaboration as part of the homegrown conglomerate’s digital transformation strategy to fuel its next phase of business growth.

Both the companies said in the statement that Under the collaboration, Mahindra Group’s digital, data and cloud center of excellence, known as Mahindra Digital Engine (MDE), will utilize Google Cloud’s secure and reliable infrastructure and advanced data analytics technology.

Mahindra Group Group Chief Technology Officer Mohit Kapoor said that this collaboration will build the group for the future with advanced cloud-based technologies and data-driven strategies to accelerate decision-making and maximize synergies in its business.

”With the cloud’s best-in-class infrastructure and data capabilities, we can rapidly innovate for competitive differentiation, advance our enterprise sustainability goals, and strengthen our talent pool by attracting the best technical talent in the industry.” Mahindra Group said that it plans to completely shift and improve its on-premises infrastructure in the next two to three years”.

Google Cloud India Managing Director Bikram Bedi said, “As the Mahindra Group’s trusted innovation partner, we will leverage our expertise to help the Group bring its enterprise and consumer ecosystem closer together”.

The companies also said that the partnership aims to spur innovation across the group’s multiple business units, including its core operations, customer-facing channels and employee experience.

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