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How this legal tech is helping Lawyers and Clients to connect with each other and manage their matters on the cloud | Legodesk

Ashish Kumar Padhy & Mohan Kumar Bai, Founders of Legodesk
Ashish Kumar Padhy & Mohan Kumar Bai, Founders of Legodesk

Ashish Kumar Padhy engineer cum lawyer with 11 years of experience. For the past five years, he has focused on creating and working with innovative start-up ideas. These opportunities has shaped his professional career by providing him with unique skill sets. Moreover, leadership abilities with a detail-oriented problem-solving attitude has aided his development and made it possible to come up with unique solutions such as Legodesk. 


The idea was thought of when Ashish’s family business was entangled in a legal dispute. Challenges for a person non-versed by law and legal procedures were huge. This was the moment when Ashish decided to build a solution for those who have faced these challenges. Initially, Legodesk started as a blog in 2016 for legal issues to help those who couldn’t afford legal consultant or didn’t know about different legal technicalities. In 2018, the first version of Legodesk was launched as a cloud-based legal management platform, by 2019 Legodesk blog surpassed 2M impressions and 150+ application registrations, and today Legodesk have over 1000+ registered lawyers worldwide. 

Ashish is determined and ambitious, and a huge fan of tackling issues and proposing fresh ideas for systemic change with out-of-box thinking. He believe in practicing change-making behaviour and helping to stimulate organization and workflows in which everyone can channel their inner changemaker. Legodesk is inspired from Ashish’s personal experience and inherent problem-solving qualities that has driven so far. 

The Startup

Legodesk is a cloud-based integrated software for legal teams to automate their practice. The platform has been lately popular with NBFCs, Fintechs, Banks, Digital Lenders, and law firms as it helps streamline the debt recovery process. Other than that, small and medium law firms using Legodesk feel that it actually unifies legal operations by cutting down on person-hours spent on manual administrative tasks. 

A unified approach to Legal Practice: A legal team’s workload is complex as they have multiple responsibilities to deliver value to not only the internal stakeholders but also to their clients. With Legodesk, lawyers can better focus on streamlining actual legal work by adopting state-of-the-art technology. 

Funding for venture

Legodesk has bootstrapped startup until now and was able to raise funds through friends and families. In their situation, bootstrapping meant creating the legal software from scratch, packaging it by themselves and reaching out to the target audience.  This provided Legodesk to market it and generate revenue to expand the startup. During this period, Ashish supplemented his income by consulting and used all of the proceeds from software sales to expand business by enhancing the packaging, marketing, and product.

The challenges

The difficulties of launching a startup are well-known. Entrepreneurial issues are diverse and unlike any you’ll encounter as an employee at a company. Whether you’re pursuing solopreneurship, infopreneurship, or aspiring to be the next Steve Jobs, you’ll confront challenges. And, truthfully, it helps you progress and pushes you to be a better version of yourself. In Legodesk’s case building the team, raising funds, and getting the initial customers were the main challenges. Penetrating in an industry where there already are so many reputable players while the target customers are not that tech-savvy or adaptable makes it an uphill battle. However, as they slowly figure out the path ahead, it has become a lot clearer.

Factor that has helped

The biggest factor that has helped Legodesk is the belief in his team, and their passion, focus, and constant hard work to ensure that they deliver on their promises day in and day out. Ashish feel if you are enthusiastic about what you’re attempting to do and you’re willing to devote a significant portion of your waking hours to the concept you’ve developed, success becomes easier. There is no such thing as an “overnight success”; every “overnight success” is the result of years of sweat and hard effort.


The toughest decision was to start Legodesk business as it is common to have second thoughts about any big step, but once they started there was no going back. Legodesk feel as a team, decisions are tough until they don’t have a clear idea about their options. With constant brainstorming sessions, they avoid such difficulty and decision bias by debating and choosing the best for the organization and the team.

Current structure

Legodesk is registered as a private limited. The startup has built its MVP and got its initial users to try the product. At present they have 1000+ registered lawyers worldwide and going strong with a growing number of users and global expansion plans. 

Target audience

Legodesk especially caters to NBFCs, Banks, Digital Lenders, the broader Fintech industry,  and law firms at large. Legodesk is simple to use and can be readily extended to all stakeholders. Being a SaaS platform, The platform is quite all-encompassing and offers A-grade integrations for legal teams to adopt well. Ashish and the team have made legal automation, loan default management, the debt recovery process, and documentation a lot easier for both lawyers and clients. The revolutionary platform is an absolute win-win for all.

“Owning a business provides you with a sense of independence and control. You can create something and watch it develop; much like a baby. It’s been an amazing experience so far to own something, call it ours and watch it grow every day. I would advise everyone contemplating whether or not to start a business, just go for it. It’s a journey that you’ll never regret. Success may come or not, but you will absolutely enjoy the ride”.


Ashish said that he became an entrepreneur for a variety of reasons, including the desire to be my own boss, the desire to create my own projects, the potential to establish a business that I am passionate about, and of course to build products to solve real problems that impact society at a large scale. 

“Don’t let anything intimidate you. People who thrive in the great majority of professions and vocations are not any smarter than you. The adult world isn’t filled with gods; rather, it’s full of people who have developed skills and habits that help them succeed. Keep an open eye on the real problems and solve them”.

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