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Kuku FM Founder Lal Chand Bisu’s Inspiring Entrepreneurial Journey

Kuku FM Founder Lal Chand Bisu’s Inspiring Entrepreneurial Journey
Kuku FM Founder Lal Chand Bisu’s Inspiring Entrepreneurial Journey

How This Small Village Boy Lal Chand Bisu Built Rs 1500 Cr. An Empire?

Let’s look at how

Many of you must have heard stories on Kuku FM, but have you heard the story of the person who founded Kuku FM?

About Kuku FM’S founder, Lal Chand Bisu

Meet a successful entrepreneur, Lal Chand Bisu, who comes from a farming family. He grew up in Bathoth, a small village in Sikar, Rajasthan. Due to poor financial conditions, Bisu completed his schooling with the support of his teacher. After that, he graduated from IIT Jodhpur in 2008–2012.

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During college, Bisu was determined on making a significant impact on millions of people. Then he launched Easy Prep, an Ed-Tech platform, for entrance exam preparation in India. But he was unable to generate sufficient revenue, and soon he realised that he was doing something wrong. One day, he received an offer from Toppr—BYJU’S had bought this platform—that why not started working together. Because Bisu was eager to learn more, he accepted the offer, leading to Topper acquiring Easy Prep for approximately Rs 3 crore.

What inspired him for Kuku FM?

In 2015, Bisu relocated from Jodhpur to Mumbai to gain valuable Toppr experience. Despite this, he remained resolute in pursuing his own endeavors. But he didn’t know what. He started observing all the problems that he used to face in his daily life.

Furthermore, he began to consume audio podcasts. After a year, he realised that this was a unique experience, as he would listen to these podcasts either while walking at night or returning from the office. This sparked an idea in his mind and the Kuku FM idea was born.

What is Kuku FM?

In 2018, Bisu came out from Toppr, and in June 2018, he launched his startup, Kuku FM, with around 100 podcasts, and today it has become India’s largest audiobook platform with more than 10,000 audiobooks in 7 different languages. 

Kuku FM is an audio storytelling and podcasting platform that provides audiobooks, stories, summaries, courses, and more categories. However, Bisu’s strong willpower, determination, and persistence made him a successful entrepreneur. It has over 10 million downloads and 2 million paid subscribers.

There was such a hunger inside Bisu that he could do something for millions of people, and to satisfy this hunger, he worked very hard, and today generating approx 130 Cr. revenue.

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