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International Conference on Dynamics & Paradigm of Cyber World – 2022 | ICDPC-2022

International Conference on Dynamics & Paradigm of Cyber World - 2022 | ICDPC-2022

The character of war has changed. The tools of compellence have not changed. Yet, countries are changing their – tool of preference. Cyber warfare, information warfare, electronic warfare, command and control warfare, and spectrum warfare are only a few of the names by which researchers and military experts describe their offensive and defensive non-kinetic actions. The reason for the diversity of the non-kinetic environment is the evolution of the Military Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS) and digital environment over 100 years.

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Every year India faces thousands of threats from foreign governments, terrorist organizations, proxy groups, propagandist/hacktivists, cyber mercenaries, and cyber deviants bent on causing chaos. With technology constantly evolving, cybersecurity threats become increasingly of concern. Cybercriminals keep developing new ways to attack systems and the agencies that host them. Several organizations are unwilling to show that they suffered cyberattacks unless required by the law because they could be subject to lawsuits if the attack jeopardized the security of clients’ or employees’ personal information.

The goal & mission of the ICDPC-2022 is to explore the best cyber security practicing resources that could provide perspectives in the Indian context rather than the best practices evolved in the west. The interconnectivity of critical systems, huge vulnerabilities in network security, and the sheer volume of information to be processed all highlight the evolving nature of threats. The International Conference on Dynamics & Paradigm of Cyber World – 2022 | ICDPC-2022 is focused on the rise in cyber threats and on using various sophisticated tools and policies to make the Nation and its infrastructure more secure.

Today, individuals and businesses are more dependent than ever on digital connectivity in virtually every aspect of their existence. Most people cannot imagine going even a few hours without access to the internet. Not just state actors but also nonstate actors today have more technical prowess, motivation, and financial resources than ever before to carry out disruptive attacks on a country’s critical infrastructure.

Any attack on critical infrastructure in one sector of a country can led to disruption in other sectors as well. Malicious cyberactivities have been affecting individuals, private entities, government institutions and non-governmental organizations for years. We have witnessed large-scale cyber-incidents such as in Estonia in 2007, with numerous sophisticated targeted attacks, hacktivism and countless instances of identity theft and malware. Due to the unpredictable nature of cyberthreats, an incident that may appear in the beginning as an act of hacktivism or financially motivated cybercrime may rapidly escalate into something much more serious and reach the threshold of national security, even cyberwar.

Despite the lack of consensus on exactly what constitutes cyberwarfare or cyberterrorism, governments need to ensure that their infrastructure is well protected against different types of cyberthreats and that their legal and policy frameworks would allow to effectively prevent, deter, defend, and mitigate possible cyberattacks. Not being able to agree on common definitions of central terms such as “cyberattack”, and “cyberwar” should not prevent states from expressing the urgency of preparing their nations for possible cyber incidents.

Cybersecurity has proven to be a necessary investment for government agencies. Technology has provided new ways for government agencies to work, interact with citizens and improve overall operations. In the context of cybersecurity, the need for international cooperation between states, international and regional organizations and other entities is emphasized by the borderless and increasingly sophisticated nature of cyberthreats. Principally, any actor, whether it is a country or a non-governmental organization, following its objectives in cybersecurity requires cooperation from a wide range of international partners. The conference aims to bring the right cybersecurity solutions to the right place to ensure agencies can conduct their missions knowing their information is protected.


The conference is an initiative to explore the asymmetric domains of cyber and its effective and efficient utilization in the current times for both security of the National assets as well as for diplomatic underpinnings.

The advent of the digital culture in the recent times and the fast flux nature of the information flow clubbed with a dynamic change in identity, complicates the domain further and renders the domain for exploitation by all being asymmetric in nature. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the futuristic paradigms of the domains to be able to exploit the various aspects of the domain of Ether in an effective and efficient way.

The Conference would focus on identification of sour points in the domains of cyber that would help us define the strategies for the nation for effective and practical aspects of National Cyber Security Strategies & Posture. The conference would also help identify the assets and resources within the country that often remained below the cover and have not utilized for a common good. The conference would follow by a workshop on cyber security with at least five tracks:

  1. Cyber Security & Collaboration Tactics in the Event of a War
  2. How Netizens could effectively coordinate and participate in times of war.
  3. Cyber Commando Training Teasers
  4. Awareness on Cyber Crime & Criminals
  5. Legal Moot Court & Way Ahead.
  6. Private sectors exhibiting innovative solutions.

For more details on the conference, you can connect to:

  • Mr. M. Venkat Raman, Sales, and Marketing, COVINTS: +918910693684
  • Mr. Shubro Samanto, Head – Business Operations, COVINTS – [email protected]

Venue: Dr Ambedkar International Centre, 15, Janpath Rd, Windsor Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110001

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