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Ingenious Research Develops Facial Recognition System Under Defence Ministry’s Fund

Dr. Shivani Verma, founder, Ingenious Research

Ingenious Research Developed an artificial intelligence tool called “Divya Drishti” that combines facial recognition with physiological factors like the skeleton and gait of humans.

It was created in partnership with the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO). The AI tool can provide improved security and dependability in the personal identification of individuals

Divya Drishti was created through the Technology Development Fund (TDF) and serves as a testament to the DRDO’s dedication to the advancement of businesses in the defense and aerospace sector in order to realize the vision of “Aatmanirbhar Bharat.”

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The TDF is a defence ministry initiative that is being implemented by the DRDO. Its objective is to provide private actors, MSMEs, and startups with financial and technical support to develop new tools and technology for the defence industry.

In the defence sector, Ingenious Research is a developer of cognitive technology and AI-based solutions. After winning the “Dare to Dream Innovation Contest 2.0,” a pan-India theme-based competition organized by the DRDO, the venture gained recognition.

According to Ingenious Research, Divya Drishti can achieve an accuracy of 95% in challenging conditions, including low-light conditions and obscured features.

Among the startup’s other offerings are an immediate facial recognition system, an autonomous unmanned ground vehicle (UGV), a satellite image (optical/SAR) analysis system, and a drone detection and tracking system.

About Ingenious Research

Founded by Dr. Shivani Verma, Ingenious Research has curated a variety of cutting-edge technologies and AI-powered solutions. Please explore them.

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