Friday, December 8, 2023
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[Funding alert] Humantic AI raises $1.5 million in funding round

Personality assessment startup Humantic AI
Personality assessment startup Humantic AI

Personality assessment startup Humantic AI has raised $1.5 million in funding round from Coinbase and Pinterest board member Gojul Rajaram, John Donovan ( Ex-CEO, AT&T communications) and Amit Singh, board member of Asana.

Bradley Horowitz (VP of Product of Google) and Binny Bansal (Co-Founder of Flipkart) also invest in this round.   

Through the fresh funding round Observe AI’s Co-Founder Sharath Keshava Narayana joining Humantic AI’s member board.

The Palo Alto and Bangalore-based Humantic AI was founded in 2021 by Amarpreet Kalkat, It provides vendors with actionable personality insights derived from its proprietary AI, which combines machine learning and natural language processing with neuroscience and computational linguistics.

“Ask anybody who’s in sales, and they’ll tell you one immutable fact – ultimately, it’s people who make purchase decisions, not companies. Yet, when you ask sales teams what they know about these people, most sales teams have nothing more than an email ID and a Linkedin profile”, said, Amarpreet Kalkat, founder & CEO of Humantic AI.

“That’s why we’re building Humantic AI – to help salespeople understand their prospects and speak in a language that connects with them. Long term, our goal is to build a layer of ‘people intelligence’ to humanize the internet”, he added.

The startup claims that companies using its product report an average 36% reduction in time taken for first engagement, a 30% increase in response rates, and a 6.2% increase in closing revenue.

“One of the key reasons I have invested in Humantic is the product versatility and the spectrum depth itself. The product can be used by every company on this planet. Big, small, mid-sized, everybody needs a prospect intelligence tool”, said, SK Narayana.

The platform is used by over 100 customers, including Fortune 500 organizations such as Apple, PayPal, Appian, Caterpillar, RecruitCloud and others.

About Humantic AI

Humantic provides AI-driven behavior and personality assessment of a candidate without requiring the candidate’s attention or time. It helps Talent Acquisition teams truly understand candidates beyond their resumes without requiring a traditional questionnaire or test. Humantic makes outreach personalized, significantly improves the candidate experience, and effectively improves the quality of hired candidates.

Humantic is used by 100+ customers including Fortune 500 organizations. It continues to become the AI tool of choice for behavioral and culture fit assessment across the industry. Experts like Josh Bersin have listed Humantic as one of the three new ways to assess talent, The Wall St. Journal has called it the latest trend in hiring and The Verge has termed it the AI that will finally ease the stress of recruiting.

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