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How Tanushree Opened Up the World to Local Artisans | Nushaura

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Nushaura was founded by Tanushree Jain in 2018. Tanushree has always been passionate about Dance & Art since childhood. Working with local artisans during her college days gave her a lot of self-confidence and after that she thought of supporting them throughout the journey.

After completing her engineering, Tanushree had a breath related health problem while doing her masters from ISDM Delhi. After a few days, Tanushree felt that burning chemical candles was also a big reason behind poor health, after that she understood the process of making candles. That’s how ” NUSHAURA ” Started.

Nushaura is a social enterprise that works with rural and tribal women artisans in various remote villages of India to create thoughtful, sustainable, healthy, handmade products.The women artisans are shareholders in her startup. They manufacture the products and reap its benefits.

Nushaura started as a Self Help Group of women artisans which is became a social enterprise with 250+ artisans, earning in lakhs!



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