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How a Noida-based start-up is ushering the Experience Economy in India? | Expoodle


Is the solution in itself a frontier for business sales and revenue?

This is a question that has grown in stature over the years. Traditionally businesses have revolved around providing solutions either in form of a product or service. For say:


That was what remained at the core of the businesses for a long while. But times change and so does the perspective around. We are living in the experience economy and its roots have already penetrated the business world. These days, Connectivity and Experience are as vital as the solution itself.

Users or customers don’t just look for the product, they look forward to the entire experience. And businesses that are future-proof in this regard are the ones that will dominate the market for long.

Anurag Madaan, a visionary leader having helmed the exhibition industry for over two and half decades has had a first-hand experience of how the business world has evolved. Having transpired thousands of brands and companies in reaching out to potential customers via end-to-end exhibition booth solutions, he is akin to the idea of how experience is a vital aspect for brands and companies in this era.

The Ideology behind Expoodle

“Invention strictly speaking, is little more than a new combination of those images which have been previously gathered and deposited in the memory; nothing can come from nothing.” — Sir Joshua Reynolds

For years, Anurag had seen how technology had penetrated the brand’s marketing with hybrid and digital aspects the becoming a mainstream stay. The next step was evidently immersive technology. Pioneering the ideology of incorporating new-age experience into existing solutions, he ventured into immersive technologies that can enhance the customer experience and create a tangible difference in users’ decision-making towards brands offering/solutions.

Team Expoodle

That was what gave the breakthrough for the formation of Expoodle, a premier Martech company with headquarters in New York and a development team based out of Noida. With Anurag Madaan, Founder and Chief Strategist; teamed by Ketaki Madaan, Co-founder and Head of Creative Sales; and Rrahul Sethi, Co-founder and Head of Delivery, the groundwork was laid with the impetus to bring forth the baton of experience economy in India using Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality.

How Expoodle is becoming the flagbearer of the Experience Economy in Immersive Technology?

The core competency of Expoodle is creating experiences using AR/VR/MR that can provide brands with the engagement and reach potentially turn them into prospects and leads. With omnichannel trigger points that can be incorporated into your existing marketing strategy, Expoodle’s immersive solutions are a testament to leveraging modern-day tech to build new-age marketing where products aren’t the ultimate glamour but experiences are.

Innovative and immersive experiences are at the heart of modern-day customer behavior and improving your brand practices in accordance with the same is much warranted. – Rrahul Sethi

Rrahul further iterates, ‘Augmented and Virtual reality marketing solutions are a highly customizable marketing medium rather than being a standalone tool. It can be easily integrated with the existing marketing campaigns of the brand to increase conversions and scale the reach. Immersive marketing is more about increasing the immersive experience, improving the digital quotient of the user, and providing the trendsetting experience for a personalized brand approach.’

Rethink your brand perception with Immersive Marketing Solutions from Expoodle

Immersive marketing solutions aim to provide transparency and create a deeper connection with the prospects. It’s in line with the needs of the modern-day user who focuses not just on being the end-user but being part of the entire journey. Users these days are streamlined to follow brands that can provide a calling and experience. This is where immersive reality can help provide that final boost in generating awareness and accelerating understanding.

With the attention span of the user declining with time, brands need to capitalize on the very first impression and AR/VR/MR marketing solutions are best placed to handle it. This can also pave the way for brands to tap into the wider spectrum of the user base and generate marketable opportunities among Gen Z and the new age population who are well versed in digital technology transformation.

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