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[Funding alert] Home decor e-commerce platform The June Shop raises funding

[Funding alert] Home decor e-commerce platform The June Shop raises funding

The June Shop, a home decor e-commerce platform, based out of Kolkata has raised undisclosed funding from angel investors.

The round was led by angel investors, including Vijay Subramaniam (Former Head of Content for Amazon Prime Video, India), Pratik Nahata and Sreekumar Krishnan (Founders, Voxtur Ventures).

The company will use the raised funds to address the organisation’s growing needs, for product innovation, inventory diversification, recruitment, web and app development and to ramp up the marketing activities.

The June Shop was founded by Rishav Nahata, Vansikha Nahata, & Pranav Jain in 2019, it is an e-commerce business, born out of an unending love for everything cute, quirky and fashionable. Cool, colorful, and made with expert craftsmanship and love, their products are one of a kind.

“There is a huge untapped potential in the Indian market for design-oriented, functional home décor and accessories. Born to address this need, the brand curated multiple ranges of décor products. The products are ideal for consumers who prefer fun, premium and aesthetic elements for their home & beyond. The recently raised funds will further allow us to transform into a more luxe and premium collection”, Rishav Nahata, Founder, The June Shop, said.

Vansikha Nahata, CEO, The June Shop, added, “Our entire team has shown great resilience in building a brand that thrives on the idea of revamping one’s space keeping affordability in mind. The word ‘June’ means youth in Latin, and that’s what we keep in mind while ideating our products. We aim to energise any space by renovating with meaningful, beautiful and fresh décor pieces.The brand journey that began with gifting products has now evolved into a one-stop shop for home décor pieces with plans to expand into more premium & elite categories.”

“I am always excited to support young entrepreneurs like Rishav and Vansikha who are fueling entrepreneurship in India. The June Shop reflects the sensibility of a generation of independent and self-made innovators who with their creativity and agility found an opportunity to serve today’s discerning consumers with high quality design and great value for money. They have been bootstrapped and profitable”, Vijay Subramaniam, former Head of Content for Amazon Prime Video, India said.

Pratik Nahata and Sreekumar Krishnan Founders, Voxtur Ventures, an Angel fund echoed the sentiment and added, “As a platform, we strive to empower entrepreneurs and e-commerce businesses like The June Shop. By extending a revenue-based financing we try to catalyse their growth. This D2C platform has a 25 percent return rate of repeated customers with less than 2 percent unsatisfactory product return rate.”

About The June Shop

The June Shop was founded by Rishav Nahata, Vansikha Nahata, & Pranav Jain in 2019, Providing a diverse range of products, they make sure that customers have plenty to choose from! From products that customers need at home to those one cannot do without at school/office, they have something for every need of customers. To prove their point, here are just a few products they sell – Coin purses, water bottles, neck pillows, color pencils, notebooks, soap dispensers, eye masks, towels and SO MUCH MORE! their creative and dedicated team is constantly innovating, and adding more of such amazing products in order to provide the customer with a holistic and happy shopping experience.



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