Thursday, October 6, 2022
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[Funding alert] Hatica raises $900k pre-Seed funding from Kae Capital, others

Naomi Chopra & Haritabh Singh

Engineering Analytics platform, Hatica has raised $900k pre-seed funding from Kae Capital, Titan Capital, iSeed Ventures, and angel investor GBS Bindra (CEO of Charmboard).

Engineering Analytics platform, Hatica was founded by former Uber engineers Naomi Chopra and Haritabh Singh, who incubated the idea as part of the Accel Founderstack Program.

“We began developing Hatica by coordinating remotely to build a platform which helps teams drive engineering excellence with data-driven insights. As we grasped the reality of remote work, we were able to make our platform more robust, driving productivity and well-being of both in-person and remote working paradigms. Currently in beta stage, we are on track to go to market with our platform in Q1 2022.”Naomi Chopra, Founder and CEO of Hatica said.

Hatica is an innovative analytics platform that enables engineering leaders to improve team productivity, effectiveness, and well-being. Hatica connects with all your workplace tools to provide actionable insights into team activity, efforts, and outcomes.

Hatica’s insights serve as a compass for engineering leaders and contributors to drive better outcomes without burnout by promoting team alignment, accelerating delivery, and driving engagement.



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