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[Funding alert] Fintech platform GoldenPi Technologies raises $2 mn in pre–Series A funding

[Funding alert] Fintech platform GoldenPi Technologies raises $2 mn in pre–Series A funding
Fintech platform GoldenPi Technologies

GoldenPi Technologies Pvt. Ltd, a marketplace platform focused on fixed-income investments, has raised $2 million in its pre-Series A funding round from domestic investors including High-net-worth individuals.

The startup plans to use this money to develop the technology stack, and outreach programs and expand its team across India.

Founded in 2017 by Abhijit Roy and Samir Pratihar, It acts as an aggregator for bonds and debentures to bond houses, capital market divisions of banks, and other players in the markets.

“Over the last few years, we have successfully facilitated over 1000 options – bonds and debentures – for individuals and larger households. This round of funding is a step ahead towards our goal and we intend to utilise the funds in the best way possible”, said, Abhijit Roy and Samir Pratihar, Co-founders of GoldenPi Technologies.

The company curates primary and secondary market offerings rated between ‘AAA’ and ‘A’ and provides clients with information that includes demographics that include individual investors – middle-aged professionals looking to balance their portfolios Senior professionals are looking for safe retirement investment avenues, and retired investors looking to set aside short to medium-term surplus funds.

In its next phase of growth, it is looking at a two-pronged growth strategy, incorporating a number of alternative and high-yield fixed-income investment products into its offering, as well as positioning its products as B2B growth opportunities.

It has also built a SaaS version of its retail-first product for easy and cost-effective integration with third-party platforms. The company plans to target investment service and product providers with this version to increase awareness and access to alternative fixed income investment solutions among largely risk-averse Indian investors.

With a vision to make a quality debt investment in the bond market an easy, affordable, and home-grown opportunity for all, the fintech platform aims to expand the fixed income offerings on the platform and make them available to the entire spectrum of the investor community.

In Jun 2020, GoldenPi Technologies had raised Rs 3.5 crore in a funding round from Rainmatter Capital.

About GoldenPi Technologies

GoldenPi is an online marketplace where investors can find, evaluate and invest in top-quality fixed-income assets such as Bonds and Debentures.



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