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Giving Birth to an Innovative Idea & A Devoted Mind which can Work on it

Giving Birth to an Innovative Idea
Giving Birth to an Innovative Idea

Why to choose Business as a career?

We all are blessed that we are humans, who has a mind filled with thousands of magnificent ideas and awesome imagination but the problem is that we are not aware of it. An innovative mind can search for an idea, work on it, and makes it a business.

Business does not refer to the meetings, employees, profits, losses, projects, hard work and etc rather it refers to the journey of an idea to an enterprise. Choosing business as a career is itself a war-winning decision because now you are different from the people who are behind the 9 to 5 jobs. Being your own boss is a different feeling and by starting a new business you are able to employ many job seekers which reduces unemployment in society. Many people reject doing business because they think it is too risky what will happen if the business doesn’t run and what will happen if we turn out to be insolvent? It’s the fear which stops the person from starting up because of which we lose many brilliant minds with fantastic ideas.

It is true that business does not give you profits at the beginning but it is also true that if you work hard with single-minded devotion then it will give you more than what you asked from it. The business makes you more professional, smart, logical, practical, and obviously different from others.

Who is an Entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur is one who devotes his whole life to making a business what it is. It’s their hard work that shapes the business, not the bricks and cement. An entrepreneur is the one who sacrifices everything so that one day these sacrifices can give him better sleep and this hard work does not bring fatigue to them rather it brings the satisfaction of doing something different from others. We can also feel the same satisfaction if we start thinking about a business idea. Being an entrepreneur is not easy but it’s not too hard because if someone has achieved it then anybody can achieve it.

Government Initiatives

The government is also taking initiatives to encourage people to do start-ups by providing various loan facilities like MUDRA (Micro-Units Development and Refinance Agency) loans under Pradhan Mantri MUDRA Yojana. This facility can be availed by new units as well as existing units. SIDBI (Small Industries Development Bank of India) is a bank that provides loans to MSMEs (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprise).

The government is providing many facilities so that the people of India can grow and can make India better than yesterday. Now it’s our turn to prove to the world that India has the best book called VEDAS which is a great guide for starting and handling a business.


We all have some idea which can lead to a great business tomorrow, we just need to move out of the crowd and choose a path that is filled with difficulty, sacrifices, and hard work but at the end of the journey it will lead you to a wonderful destination from where you can see the whole world and the whole world can see you.

Author - Shalini Pandit, B. Com. Final Year
Author – Shalini Pandit, B. Com. Final Year
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