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[Funding alert] Nutrify Today raises $500k in Seed funding

Nutrify Today
Nutrify Today
Nutrify Today

A technology platform Nutrify Today has raised Seed funds for $500k from investor Dr Anand Swaroop who a well-known entrepreneur and research scientist based in New Jersey USA.

The company plans to use the funds to fortify & strengthen the product technology, fully automate the platform and cover around 20 countries for new product development, commercialization, and supply chain solutions to small to medium companies in the nutraceutical industry.

“Nutrify Today is committed towards enabling and empowering the nutraceutical industry and promoting responsible nutrition commercialization across the world using advanced technologies of AI and ML. The global nutraceutical market is $400 billion, but the spread is uneven. Through Nutrify Today, we plan to create supply chain highways enabling faster growth of small to mid-sized innovators in other parts of the world.” Said, Amit Srivastava, Founder and Chief Catalyst of Nutrify Today.

Bangalore based startup founded in 2020 by Amit Srivastava, Nutrify Today is a International Trade and Development and Nutraceutical industry and Food tech and Pharma OTC platform that enables and empowers nutraceutical business by way of curated supply chain, Market access, and Peer networking.

“I am investing in Nutrify Today to foster research, promote nutrition and upgrade technology in this vital area of food and nutrition both in India and USA.” Said, Dr Anand Swaroop.

The company said that it is moving into the next round of funding of $10 million by the end of the year through 20 countries with a massive nutraceutical market size. With the complete automation of this platform, people in the food tech and nutraceutical industry will network, trade, participate in hybrid nutraceutical programs, and even up skill through certified knowledge programs which powered by leading universities and industry association of national repute.

At present, the platform has over around 18000 industry networks and target to cross 450,000 industry networks by 2025.


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