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[Funding alert] MedTech startup EzeRx raises seed funding

[Funding alert] MedTech startup EzeRx raises seed funding
MedTech startup EzeRx

EzeRx Health Tech Private Limited, a medtech Startup has raised undisclosed amount in seed funding round from Sheetal Arora, CEO of Mankind Pharma Limited.

The startup plans to use the funds to scale up its operations and marketing, besides increasing its sales, gaining global certification and boosting its R&D efforts in the markets of India, Africa and Southeast Asia.

Bhuvneshwar based EzeRx was founded in 2018 by Partha, Chaitali Roy and Sudip Roy Chowdhury, It is a non-invasive screening solution to identify primary health parameters at an early stage, such as diseases in the liver, kidney, lungs and blood glucose levels, and common problems such as anemia, which can cause blood to be removed from the human body within a minute.

“Proper detection of health problems is the very first step in curing the ailment. Therefore, we intensively worked toward developing and manufacturing advanced medical devices for the effective management of the curative and preventive healthcare ecosystem. We are glad and thankful to Sheetal Arora for bestowing trust in us. He has always believed in serving society, and his vision to have all relevant technology and services in the medical field is admirable. This funding will help our company in securing partnerships with healthcare providers to integrate our products into their platform and partnering with hospitals and small clinics for the deployment of our products”, said, Partha, Founder of EzeRx.

“Preventive Care is the future of healthcare. Today, high costs of tests, a short supply of machines, and other inconveniences make people ignore their health concerns. The need of the hour is to shape the future of healthcare services into a more patient-centric domain. To add to that, in order to strengthen the healthcare infrastructure of the country, it is important that we take these services and extend them beyond the metropolitan cities and provide them at affordable prices to allow for more inclusivity across all economic strata. EzeRx, I believe, is an example of one such device. EzeRx primarily focuses on providing high accuracy screening solutions, using a hand-held device, for everyday primary health-related concerns that many a time go unnoticed because of their passivity. These tests take less than a minute and don’t involve any withdrawal of blood from the human body, making it a pain free and convenient experience. It is my strong belief that devices like EzeRx will change people’s approach towards healthcare in India”, said, Sheetal Arora, a Promoter and CEO of Mankind Pharma Limited.

The collaboration aims to strengthen healthcare infrastructure and adopt a more patient-centered approach, while integrating more advanced screening solutions available across the country, the company said in a press statement.

The startup has received funding efforts from the Department of Science and Technology, a large program by the Department of Biotechnology, BIRAC, a SASACT grant from MeitY, and a startup grant from Indian Oil Corporation and Startup Odisha.

About EzeRx

EzeRx is a MedTech & BioTech Startup, started in 2018. They develop and manufacture highly advanced Medical Devices and innovative solutions, designed for the effective management of curative and preventive Healthcare.



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