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[Funding alert] KinderPass raises $500K in pre-seed funding

KinderPass, Digital Behavioural Health Platform for Children
Rebalance Cohort 03's KinderPass raised $500K in pre-seed funding from Goodwater Capital, Momentum VC, Rebalance Angel Community, Better Capital, and Supermorpheus angels.
Shireen Sultana, and Sumedha Khoche, Co-founders of KinderPass | Image – therebalance.medium.com

Rebalance Cohort 03’s KinderPass raised $500K in pre-seed funding from Goodwater Capital, Momentum VC, Rebalance Angel Community, Better Capital, and Supermorpheus angels.

The team will use the funds towards launching video-based multilingual detection modules, building a proprietary parent education platform, expanding its clinician network, and partnering with pre-schools and schools to reach more families, as reported by Rebalance.

Sumedha Khoche and Shireen Sultana co-founded KinderPass with the goal of assisting parents in understanding, monitoring, and fostering their child’s development.

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“Developmental screening and early intervention are not the norms and most developmental delays go undetected or unaddressed during early years. If and when the issue is detected, parents face (1) poor quality of care (2) fragmented therapy services at different centers (3) high costs, leading to poor compliance and poor outcomes. Of course, this doesn’t even account for the level of stress and logistical burden of coordinating the care, maintaining records, and tracking the child’s progress. We want to change this”, said Sumedha Khoche and Shireen Sultana, Co-founders of KinderPass.​​

Early detection of developmental delays, individualised therapy, finding the ideal therapist, and excellent integrative care are all made possible with Kinderpass.

Khang Tran, Partner, and VP of Engineering, Goodwater Capital commented on the raise, “Sumedha and Shireen are driven and passionate founders who I think will be unstoppable. I’m looking forward to teaming up with them to enrich the lives of so many children.”

Since its launch at the beginning of 2020, the app has had over 1.2 million downloads and allowed for thousands of tests and live sessions in ten different languages. With a network of more than 50 child specialists (including teachers, occupational therapists, psychologists, and behaviour therapists), KinderPass has aided families in more than 75 cities, from Bengaluru to Balrampur and Delhi to Dubai.

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“KinderPass is a unique, mission-driven company. I really admire how they’re solving the big problem of developmental monitoring & intervention access for millions of parents globally with their distribution-first approach”, said Ankur Shrivastava of Momentum Capital.

The first bilingual app in India, KinderPass, which is currently available in Hindi and English and will soon be available in additional six languages, is bridging this healthcare gap.

Aishwarya Malhi and Vikas Kumar, co-founders of Rebalance and Rebalance Angel Community, added, “ We met Sumedha and Shireen at a very pivotal moment for KinderPass and we couldn’t be happier to partner with them on their journey to build Asia’s biggest pediatric behavioral health company.”

They are providing a tech-enabled diagnosis and care strategy that is both inexpensive and accessible, giving parents the power of 7 developmental experts in their pocket, with over 1500 skill-building courses and 50+ evaluations.

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“KinderPass is an important company. Having had a close view of developmental challenges in close family & friends, I was thrilled to find a team of passionate founders who want to help parents get the right kind of help at the right time so their children can overcome their disabilities and thrive”, said Vaibhav Domkundwar of Better Capital, an early backer of health tech innovators like Cradlewise, Fittr, Mojocare & others.

T-hub, WE-hub, Jio BuildforBharat, and Action for India have all backed Kinderpass in this endeavour.

This funding announcement was reported by therebalance.medium.com.

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