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Funding for Startups in India | Ways to Raise Funds for Startups

Funding for Startups in India | Ways to Raise Funds for Startups
Funding for Startups in India | Ways to Raise Funds for Startups

There are several thinkers, inventors, and entrepreneurs, who have lots of business ideas, which have the potential to bring some change in society. Their Innovative products and services have the potential to solve society’s problems. Whether it’s affordable education or any other product or service that easily solves society’s problems. 

Indian government understands the importance of startups, and that’s why they take lots of initiative for the Indian startup ecosystem. Where they offer lots of benefits like tax benefits, simplified compliance, IPR fast-tracking, etc.

7 Ways to Raise Funds for Startups in India

Sometimes people have very great startup ideas, but due to capital, they can’t work. In this article, we will introduce various ways to raise funds for your startup. 

1. Bootstrapped

Bootstrapping is a risk-free method for financing startup ventures and facilitating their growth. In this method, Entrepreneurs utilize their savings to establish the startup. you don’t have to pay back the money or give equity to the other party. Here it gives full control to founders. Nevertheless, bootstrapping promotes financial discipline and efficient resource management.

Here are the most successful Bootstrapped Startups in India.

2. Crowdfunding Platforms

Crowdfunding provides entrepreneur with a single platform to present their business idea or venture, delivering their pitch to a large online audience and raising funds either through pre-orders of products or discounted sales. Crowdfunding simplifies the process for entrepreneurs to reach large audiences interested in providing small amounts of funding typically in return for goods or services.

Here is the list of the Best Crowdfunding platform in India.

3. Bank Loans

Banks also provide loans to startups based on their creditworthiness and business plans. Banks provide two types of funding one through loans and the other through working capital loans. Taking a bank loan is not easy, it is a very long process. For taking a bank loan your business should be stable. However, getting a loan from private or public sector banks becomes challenging if you don’t have a financial history or good credit score.

4. Startup Incubators and Accelerators

Joining an incubator or accelerator program is one of the best ways to raise funds, apart from funding it also offers mentorship, resources, and networking opportunities. These programs typically offer support, fostering rapid growth. It combines a communal workspace and a mentorship development center to kickstart the startup into growth mode. They provide various value-added services like utilities, workspace, and legal assistance. 

Explore the list of Startup Accelerators and Incubators in India

5. Venture Capitalists

Venture capitalist firms play a very important role in the startup ecosystem. They fund early-stage startups that have high growth potential. VCs attract those startups that have clear goals, strong business plans, and a strong and professional team. VCs invest in startups expecting to secure high returns, typically made in exchange for equity.  In essence, venture capitalists contribute capital and strategic guidance for business development.

Here is the Top Early Stage Venture Capital Firms in India

6. Corporate Partnerships

Here, you have to collaborate with established companies, they will bring needed funds and resources to startups. This Strategic alliance can create new markets and technologies. However, ensuring that both parties’ goals and maintaining a healthy balance in the partnership can be challenging, it demands careful negotiation and clear communication.

7. Find an Angel Investor

Angel investors are Individuals who are interested in investing in new startups in exchange for shares. Raising funds from angel investors is very challenging because they accept higher returns as a profit. Ratan Tata, Kunal Shah, and Sanjay Mehta are some well-known angel investors. Startup owners can directly build relationships with investors for funding. while investors expect a good return on investment, they are also driven by a promising business idea and proposal.

Here is the list of High-net-worth angel investors in India.

Conclusion – Funding for Startups

Having a business idea for a startup is just the beginning, securing funds is very important to bring the product or service into the marketplace. Funding for startups in India is very challenging, there are lots of complexities and documentation processes in securing funding. The above mentioned are some ways to find funding. You can choose the funding for your startup, according to your preference.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to get funding for a startup business?

Securing funding for startup is very challenging but here are some common ways through which you can get funding-
Angel Investor 
Venture Capital 
Bank Loans

How to get funding for a startup from government?

To get funding for a startup from government you have to do research for government schemes. Some of its schemes are-
Atal Innovation Mission 
Multiplier Grant scheme 
Startup India Initiative 

How to get investors for a startup business?

Friends and family 
Angel investor 
Business loans


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