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[Funding alert] Sedai raises $15mn in Series A funding


Sedai, an autonomous cloud platform for SREs has raised $15 million in Series A funding round from Norwest Venture Partners with participation from Sierra Ventures and Uncorrelated Ventures, Bringing the total funding to $18.8 million.

With this fundraise the company said it is setting up a Research & Development centre and product engineering division in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala to increase support for all cloud platforms and broaden its ecosystem.

“Sedai delivers SREs a platform that can act independently on their behalf, learn from them, and carefully measure the efficacy and continuously fix and improve right in production. The engineering team in Thiruvananthapuram will be the core and critical piece in this product engineering plan,” said Suresh Mathew, CEO of Sedai.

California-based Sedai was founded in 2018 by Suresh Mathew (Founder and CEO) and Benjamin Thomas (Co-founder and President), Sedai delivers the first autonomous cloud management platform that detects and proactively addresses potential issues in production, improving performance, ensuring availability, and managing cloud costs.

“We have a strong sense of purpose and a proven track record of success. This, and the quality of software engineering talent pool in Kerala and south of Tamil Nadu will help Sedai drive the autonomous cloud movement”, said, Benjamin Thomas, President of Sedai.

“Engineering excellence and innovation is Sedai’s forte, and the team in Thiruvananthapuram will have a pivotal role in delivering the first fully autonomous management cloud platform for companies worldwide.”, said Aby Jacob, Head of India Centre for Sedai.

Its machine learning model detects symptoms early, prevents and resolves issues prematurely without any human intervention. Increases its efficiency by 93 percent and availability by 99.999%.



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