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[Funding alert] Frontend devtool Platform Kombai Secures $4.5 mn Seed Funding

[Funding alert] Frontend devtool Platform Kombai Secures $4.5 mn Seed Funding

A seed round headed by Foundation Capital and Stellaris Venture Partners raised $4.5 million for the frontend devtools firm Kombai, which is based in Pune.

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Some chief technology officers and executives from software startups took part in the investment as angel investors. Two former Mindtickle senior executives founded Kombai, and the company intends to use the funding to expand its R&D efforts, speed up the improvement of its base models, make it appropriate with a variety of libraries and frameworks used by developer teams, and improve the developer experience related to the product, as per reported by The Economic Times.

The business creates brand-new artificial intelligence models that are able to code and user interface (UI) designs much like people. On Wednesday, it will also debut. With the goal of improving the productivity of frontend development for the 15 million full-stack developers and 5 million frontend developers worldwide, Kombai enables designers to obtain production-quality UI code with just one click for each component. Kombia has gained more than 500 developers and this tool will remain free.

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The UI code can be copied, modified, or download into an integrated development environment and incorporated into the codebase. User experience (UX) has grown its importance for organizations, and as a result, UI has become more complicated, increasing the need for and complexity of frontend development, according to Dipanjan Dey, co-founder and CEO of Kombai.

“Developers still spend a significant amount of their working time, ranging from 25% to 75%, on procedural code such as styles (CSS), DOM (HTML), and framework-specific boilerplate,” Dey said. “These tasks are often viewed as monotonous and counterproductive by developers. Kombai enables developers to spend less time on these mundane tasks, freeing up more time to focus on coding the business logic that’s critical for modern applications.”

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“Excellent designer tools like Figma and Adobe XD have emerged in the last decade. But they do not generate meaningful code that can be used by developers. On the other hand, LLM-based tools like ChatGPT and Github Copilot are great for generating code suggestions from textual inputs, but they don’t work for UI development,” Ashu Garg, partner at Foundation Capital, said in a statement, explaining the problem statement that Kombai addresses.

The founders of Kombai met at Mindtickle, a homegrown sales enablement SaaS unicorn. Both have previously also started up other ventures separately.

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About Kombai

Kombai is building a developer tool for web app developers which takes away their mundane automatable tasks like writing and maintaining CSS and other boilerplate JS code. Their vision is to automate all the mundane tasks a frontend dev team has to do accounting for 60-70% of their work.

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