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Food Franchise Under 10 Lakhs in India

Food Franchise Under 10 Lakhs in India
Food Franchise Under 10 Lakhs in India
Food Franchise Under 10 Lakhs in India
Food Franchise Under 10 Lakhs in India

The food franchise industry in India is growing continuously. It is one of the best choices for those who want to start a new business. It is one of the best opportunities for those who want to start their food franchise. You can start a food franchise under 10 lakhs.

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List of Food Franchise Under 10 Lakhs in India

As food trends change, quickly and lots of people enter in the market, the success of food franchising is very high.  According to a report, India’s food and beverage franchise industry is more than Rs 75,000 crores and growing at 7% annually. The best thing about a franchise is you can easily start a food franchise in India under 10 lakh, and make it profitable. With an investment of 8 to 10 lakh you can easily start this business.


Box8 provides a convenient solution to enjoy delicious “Desi” ( local or indigenous) Indian meals delivered to your doorstep. It caters to individuals looking for a quick and hassle-free solution for lunch, dinner, or snacks. if you are thinking about starting a box8 franchise then you can begin this franchise business with an investment of 8-10 lakhs. It operates Primarily as a cloud kitchen model, focusing exclusively on online delivery and takeaway orders. 

Indiana Burger

Indiana Burger is a promising avenue for achieving financial independence through franchising. With an investment cost between 10-12 lakhs, it offers plenty of room to build a profitable business with high returns. Since its inception, it holds a special place in the hearts of the millions of people who live in Bangalore. Its delicious and unique range of burgers has made it the top choice for every Bangalorean.

Chai Sutta Bar

This franchise was one of the first ones to incorporate the seamless enjoyment of tea and cigarettes, offering customers a cozy atmosphere along with an expansive beverage menu. As a food franchise under 10 lakhs, it is a top choice for many and has proven successful for all who have partnered with it. This franchise boasts impressive profit margins and ROI, particularly in high-demand areas, ensuring consistent annual growth.

Chai Point

Chai Point is one of the top chains of tea outlets in India, renowned for its beverages and high-quality snacks. For tea connoisseurs, Chai Point stands out as the top destination with customizable tea options and warm interiors. Anyone can start this franchise with an investment of 7 to 9 lakhs, and start this successful business.


Amul, a legendary figure in the Indian dairy, has transformative dairy products in India with its innovative franchising structure. offering a wide range of dairy products like milk, ice cream, cheeses, and yogurts, Amul is a top choice for people with culinary ambitions, as a successful seamless cooperative the spirit of entrepreneurship with a strong commitment to societal progress. With a robust brand and vast network of franchises, Amul invites visionary culinary enthusiasts to join its journey.


One Bite takes pride in its food artistry. From gourmet appetizers to decadent desserts, each dish is carefully crafted to deliver a burst of flavor with every bite. The brand mixes traditional boundaries of flavor, blending national recipes with innovative techniques to bring an exceptional and memorable dining adventure.

Kaati Zone

Kaati Zone brings the taste of Mumbai to your platter, no matter where you are in India. It is known for its desi kathi rolls and wraps packed with locally sourced ingredients. you can easily start this franchise for under 10 lakhs, this is the perfect franchise to invest in.

Momo Zone

Momo Zone, like the other franchises, is a model of a low-cost, high-profit franchise in India. With an investment of just over 10 lakhs of investment, you can become a part of a franchise that brings the best of Tibet and Nepal from tasty momos right to the customer’s doorstep.

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Burger Brothers

This Indian food franchise stands for how bold flavors and desi twists can transform the power of bold flavors and desi twists applied to burgers. Its reputation is built on a wide variety of burgers that suit the changing tastes of Indian consumers. Each burger from Burger Brothers is a burst of flavor, blending, and a harmonious fusion of Indian spices and locally sourced ingredients. This culinary innovation, combined with a strong commitment to quality, taste, and inventiveness, set the franchise apart from other burger chains. With an investment of under 10 lakhs, anyone can start this franchise. It has a strong brand recognition and loyal customer base.


Monginis is a famous bakery known for its delectable treats and baked wonders. with years of experience, this popular bakery franchise has etched its name into the global favorite for sweet indulgence. It was started by Hussain Khorakiwala in 1965 in Mumbai, it started as a small bakery and has since grown into a large franchise, Monginis not only spreading its delicious treats across India but also leaving its delightful imprint around the world.

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Acquiring a food franchise in India under 10 Lakhs is achievable. This vlog mentions the best food franchises, affordable investment options, and benefits like franchisor support, growth opportunities, and new prospects. However, it’s important to conduct thorough research, evaluate each franchise’s potential, and seek advice from industry experts before making a decision. With determination, passion, and the right franchise, you can turn your food into a successful business.

Faqs –

Is it possible to start a business franchise under 10 lakh?

Yes, there may be various food franchises in India which you can easily start under 10 lakh.

How can I choose the right food franchise?

By doing proper research,  evaluate their market potential, profitability, and support systems. You can also contact experts and take their advice.

What should I consider before investing in any franchise?

You have to Consider various factors such as franchise.

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