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[Funding alert] EdTech startup Uppskill raises $100k from Ok! Acquired

EdTech startup Uppskill
EdTech startup Uppskill

Edtech startup, Uppskill has raised $100k from Investment Tech startup, Ok! Acquired and its investors. It is the company’s first institutional seed round of funding.

The online educational platform plans to use the funds to build its tech platform further and expand in different training areas such as sales, operations, finances, and tech.

“With this partnership, we aim to empower more people and make our ecosystem better. We will use this fund to scale our learning platform by investing in Technology so that we can impact more lives and empower more students”, said, Arbab Usmani, co-founder and CEO, Uppskill.

Noida-based EdTech startup was founded in 2017 by entrepreneurs Arbab Usmani and Abhishek Kumar Gupta, Uppskill is a skill-based educational platform that changes the way people learn and develop skills required to acquire jobs or help them directly in their businesses.

“India with its 1.2 billion population has an enormous demand for education in its core. Hence, with Uppskill’s deep understanding of this market, we want to penetrate the 101 billion edtech market. We firmly believe that we will be able to unleash student potential to learn and earn from Tier-2 and 3 cities with the Upskill team”, said, Subh Jha and Sujit Jha – co-founders, okay! Acquired.



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