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Edtech platform Infinity Learn acquires Wizklub

Edtech platform Infinity Learn acquires Wizklub
Edtech platform Infinity Learn acquires Wizklub
Infinity Learn

Sri Chaitanya Educational Institutions, which operates the edtech startup Infinity Learn has acquired Wizklub, a cognitive development edtech startup for $10 million.

This is Infinity Learn’s third acquisition in its first year of operation.

Earlier, it had acquired Teacherr, a digital platform for teaching community and Don’t Memorize, a concept-based multilingual content platform.

With this acquisition, Infinity Learn has entered a new vertical – Infinity Futurz. It aims to enhance its existing portfolio of Infinity Learn in the K12 segment, which provides the foundational skills a student needs to succeed in the career of their choice in the future, according to a statement.

The company is looking at over one million early-year students joining Infinity Futurz over the next 24 months. It will also consider taking on Wizklub’s offering in English-speaking countries through Futures this year.

Wizklub was founded in 2018 by Amit Bansal, It offers research-based learning programs designed to develop future skills in comprehension, critical thinking and mathematical aptitude in children aged 6-14. This research program claims to build Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) in children and helps them analyze, synthesize, evaluate, interpret and solve problems at complex levels.

“I found the Infinity Learn DNA very similar to that of Wizklub. Wizklub is a company obsessed with learner outcomes. And the first question that Sushma and Ujjwal asked me in our first meeting was: How do you measure whether the student has acquired the skills you are teaching. I found that a refreshing change from the market full of “sell first” approach. I know that with Infinity Learn, we would realize our vision to empower the current generation of school-going children with skills necessary to succeed in the future,” said, Amit Bansal, Founder and CEO of Wizklub.

Hyderabad based Infinity Learn was founded in 2018 by Sushma Boppana, Seema Boppana, Ujjwal Singh and Sridhar Yalamanchili, It is an edtech startup and is part of Shree Chaitanya Group which provides free mock tests to the students so that they can assess themselves and then work further to enhance their knowledge.

“We teach our students the right skill, at the right time, in the right medium. Wizklub also works on the similar principle of effectively teaching students with best-in-class digital products helping students develop core cognitive excellence and work on logical and creative thinking abilities. I am sure that with the Wizklub team joining Infinity Learn we will be better on our mission to give every child the best start to their learning journey and prepare them with the skills they need for a 21st-century world,” said, Sushma Boppana, Founder and Director, Infinity Learn by Sri Chaitanya.

About Wizklub

WizKlub is a breakthrough research program that builds Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) in kids of age 6-14 years. HOTS help kids analyze, synthesize, evaluate, interpret and solve problems at complex levels.

About Infinity Learn

A protégé of Sri Chaitanya in the Edtech space, Infinity Learn is completely transforming digital learning landscape. Driven by digital first approach and led by industry’s best digital talent, they are on a mission to impact every learner’s life. With over 36 years of experience in education domain, and highly versatile leaders, they understand the needs of every child and how to bring their dream to reality.

Backed by 3 decade’s experience – Infinity Learn will transform the learning experience for both teachers and students.

Their products include – Online Live Classes, SelfLearn recorded modules, Online mock tests, and 24×7 doubt clearance app.


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