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A dropout from AIIMS who built a startup at the age of 19

Aishvaryaa Poojaa Dhayalan Co-Founder of Limelight Cricket Academy
Aishvaryaa Poojaa Dhayalan

Aishvaryaa Poojaa Dhayalan, a MBBS student turned into cricketer, daughter of super supportive parents, a passionate speaker and a marketer by profession who has a vision to inspire women and girls to follow their passion.

When Aishvaryaa got class 10 result, her parents gave her three options: engineering / medicine / failure. She was so sure about this one particular thing in her entire life that she is weak in Mathematics, so no Engineering. She didn’t have any other option than to choose medicine and take up Biology stream.

Aishvaryaa gave two precious years of her life in preparing for entrance exams. With hard work, and lots of sacrifices she cleared all the pre-medical exams with good ranks. She scored 604/720 in NEET, 1000+ ranks in AIIMS which landed her a seat in AIIMS Patna, 500+ ranks in JIPMER and also she cleared another exam called UCEED with AIR 12 which landed her a seat in IIT Bombay.

Aishvaryaa chose MBBS and joined AIIMS Patna because her parents wanted her to become a doctor. The first two months were bad and the next 4 months were worst and she personally came to a conclusion that MBBS is something she is not passionate about. So she decided to drop out and it took her another 2 months to convince her parents after all the dramas, blackmails and endless crying.

The first question her dad asked her was, what’s the plan after dropping out? She was blank, so she decided to explore different streams and decide what she wanted to do in the drop year and simultaneously decided to train Cricket full-time (She is cricketer too).

Aishvaryaa came to Chennai and started living in a hostel. With the use of the internet and her laptop she did many courses in Udemy and Skillshare, met a lot of people and started building network, did free internships in 8 different companies and started freelancing to make money.

One of the best things that happened in her life was meeting her best friend Srini who was also her cricket coach. One random day they were talking about building their cricket academy. Fast forward to 6 months they opened up their first cricket academy in Chennai called Limelight Cricket Academy. Aishvaryaa became a Co-Founder at the age of 19.

Aishvaryaa Poojaa Dhayalan Co-Founder of Limelight Cricket Academy
Aishvaryaa Co-Founder of Limelight Cricket Academy

While figuring out what she wanted to do in her drop year, she started learning marketing too. So later on she joined as a Marketing Executive in her mentor’s company to understand the functioning and to know about the behind the scenes of running a company. One fine day she got this random thought, why not collaborate interest for marketing and passion for sports. This led to starting her second company called Limelight Yaan Digitals which helps Sports and Fitness related brands build their influence in front of their target audience to drive high-value sales by performance based marketing. Currently Aishvaryaa is working with international clients and having 8+ employees in .

Aishvaryaa says that, your life can change with just one good decision you make so take risks while you are young you got nothing to lose, even if you fail it’s going to be a really good learning. You can’t go back and change the beginning but you can start where you are and change the ending. Remember at the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take.

“My life completely changed just because I took important decision with all the guts I got at the right time”.

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